I work in a Windows environment and would prefer to deploy code to IIS. At the same time I would like to code in Python.

Having read that IIS can run fastCGI application, I went to the IIS site where it describes in detail how to get PHP up and running but not much about anything else.

Does anyone have experience getting a Python framework running under IIS using something other that plain old CGI?

If so can you explain to direct me to some instructions on setting this up?

There shouldn’t be any need to use FastCGI. There exists a ISAPI extension for WSGI.

Microsoft itself develops wfastcgi (source code) to host Python code on IIS.

We can use iiswsgi framework to setup WSGI over IIS since it is compatible with IIS web server’s FastCGI protocol.It’s bundled with distutils for building, distribution and installing packages with the help of Microsoft Web Deploy and Web Platform Installer.

For more info refer the following link:

Serving Python WSGI applications natively from IIS