I tried drop method of pandas but I didn’t use it. I mentioned about my specific row in my code block. I caught my row in ‘Name’ column. How do I remove a specific row in pandas with Python?

e.g.: My specific row is => Name : Bertug Grade: A Age: 15

import pandas as pd , re , string

dataFrame = pd.read_excel("C:\\Users\\Bertug\\Desktop\\example.xlsx")

def vowelCount(s):
   chars = set("aeiouAEIOU")
   for char in s:
       num_vowels = 0
       for ch in char:
           if any((c in chars) for c in ch):
               num_vowels = num_vowels + 1 
           else :
               num_vowels = num_vowels
       if num_vowels == 0:
           print("I have to remove this row in here") 

df = pd.DataFrame([['Jhon',15,'A'],['Anna',19,'B'],['Paul',25,'D']])
df. columns = ['Name','Age','Grade']

   Name  Age Grade
0  Jhon   15     A
1  Anna   19     B
2  Paul   25     D

You can get the index of your row:

i = df[((df.Name == 'jhon') &( df.Age == 15) & (df.Grade == 'A'))].index

and then drop it:

   Name  Age Grade
1  Anna   19     B
2  Paul   25     D

As @jezrael pointed our, you can also just negate all three:

df[((df.Name != 'jhon') &( df.Age != 15) & (df.Grade != 'A'))]
   Name  Age Grade
1  Anna   19     B
2  Paul   25     D

you can just use :


where a,b,c are the list of indexes or row numbers.

to delete only one particular row use


where i is the index or the row number.