Predictions for the Future of Connected Cars in Automotive Industry

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It is not surprising that the phrase “Automotive industry is continuously evolving” is repeated often. All of the most recent technologies have revolutionized the way people travel and communicate. Why shouldn’t automobiles connect to the Internet?


The potential of technology to transform the world is immense. The connected car Internet of Things is a growing trend in the automobile industry that will make cars work better. This blog will provide information about connected cars and their amazing features as well as the future of technology.

Connected Cars Internet Of Things- What Type Of Technology Are You?

Connected cars are vehicles or cars that have internet access. Vehicles are connected to the Internet via a Wireless Local Area Network. The connected car can both share data and the Internet with other devices, both inside and out. Two types of connected car systems are used by most automobile companies: one embedded and one tethered.

The Essential Features of Connected Vehicles

It is now the perfect time to digitalize your automobile business using connected mobile apps. This will allow for better vehicle management and manufacturing processes. A great way to get a digital solution is to contact one of the top IT consultants in New York. A consultant team can help you transform your business with their technical expertise and industry best practices.

Connected vehicles can have many valuable and intelligent features. The connected vehicle IoT improves driving experience and owner experience. It also provides a safety net with enhanced security features. These are some of the innovative features that a linked vehicle offers. Let’s take a look at each one.

Vehicle Boundary With Geofencing

This feature is very useful in a connected car. This feature allows owners to define a radius and set the parameters. They can also set the vehicle’s maximum speed. If someone violates the rule, they’ll be notified immediately. Geo-fencing, a great feature for anyone who wants to track the location and speed of their vehicle, is an excellent option.

Navigation Feature for Providing Suggested routes

The navigation feature isn’t new to cars but its use is becoming more important than ever. This feature is available in Connected Cars Internet of Things, allowing drivers to plan their entire trip using maps. Most routes can be sent directly to your car. Simply put, once you get inside your car, the route will be uploaded automatically and you can drive away. You can also ask the car for a change of route. This feature is convenient and enhances safety for passengers, drivers, as well as the vehicles.

Vehicles can be controlled with voice commands

Modern technology has allowed vehicles to actually speak. Voice recognition recognizes language and can be used to identify the vehicle. This feature allows connected cars to do all your tasks. You don’t have to look away from the road if you want to change your car’s AC temperature.

This is what the IoT technology for automobiles can do for you. The user simply needs to say the command and the vehicle will respond accordingly. Voice recognition can also be used to perform other tasks, such as opening or closing the sunroof, changing the music, increasing volume, etc.

Connectivity Technology allows vehicles to communicate

The use of connectivity technology allows connected vehicles to communicate. Technology allows vehicles to share information such as traffic movements, road conditions, speed limits and more. The future of autonomous vehicles relies on technology.

Remote Parking Capability within The Connected Car

The connected car feature allows drivers to park their car remotely, as the name suggests. The smartphone app allows one to get out of the car, and also allows the car’s location to be set up. This is especially useful in congested areas where it is difficult to park your car.

A Critical Security Feature To Overcome Tangled Situations

The adoption of connected cars is driven by security. It will surprise you to learn that many connected cars now have essential security features. Drivers can now overcome any kind of problem with features such as emergency calling and location tracking in real time. These solutions can help reduce the vulnerability of their vehicles, and should be known by all concerned drivers.

The Latest Technologies in Connected Cars Internet Of Things:

5G Technology

Autonomous driving necessitates both car-to-car communication and car-to-infrastructure communication. The new communication method will produce a huge amount of data. 5G technology will bring improvements in car-to–car communication and better information transfer. We all know that autonomous or self-driving cars are the future mobility. 5G technology makes this possible. Here are the key points about 5G connectivity.

  • All connected cars can use 4G to get faster speeds and enjoy a smoother experience. However, 5G is the next generation of LTE and will be the most important IoT technology for automobiles. It’s faster than 4G.
  • Even though 5G networks may not be well-developed, the impact on the automotive industry is huge.
  • The amount of data that can be processed with a lot of connected vehicles will increase. With its faster speeds and extensive coverage, 5G connectivity is a great option for the industry.


Artificial intelligence and machine-learning are two distinct things. This is something that everyone knows. Machine Learning with AI allows machines give data and then learn autonomously. Both are required for connected cars. As connected cars learn to drive by their human pilots, machine learning will be more important.

PaaS platforms

A car is made up of many thousands of parts. The underlying technology platforms that allow linked cars and the associated services will not change. Platforms as a Service (PaaS), which enable connected devices, are designed to handle hardware sensors and manage data streams. They also provide the full functionality required to manage IoT products. These platforms are also being developed by telecommunications firms.

What Can We Expect from Connected Automobiles

To shape the automotive industry, car manufacturers will need an IoT application development service. They might consider integrating technology into cars that are compatible with these services. Some vehicles will be more popular because of the software opportunities. Car manufacturers will be able to offer more customized user experiences in their software as they gain an improved understanding of IoT in automotive.


We are on the verge of a bright future. Not only are cars connected to the internet, but whole cities will be. Although privacy and security concerns are still a concern, there are solutions that can be found to make sure users have control over their personal security and autonomy. Connected Cars Internet Of Things is encouraging people to create new apps, such as IoT-based fleet management.

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