Playstation, Xbox and Co.: How much does the power cost for your game console?

The Corona crisis affects the video game behavior of the Germans.

The Energy provider Eon has commissioned a YouGov studyto investigate how the Corona crisis affects the video game behavior of Germans – and thus the corresponding power consumption. Since the beginning of the year, a third of Germans have been playing video games more frequently than in the previous year. Among 18- to 24-year-olds, it is just under half, at 47 percent.

The power consumption depends on which console you use. Smartphones, tablets and portable consoles are more energy-saving and don’t cost much per year. 58 percent of respondents prefer to use such devices.

On the other hand, 43 percent of Germans like to gamble on a PC or laptop, while 35 percent prefer the game console in conjunction with the TV — the variant with the highest power consumption. However, consumption – and therefore the cost – varies depending on the game console.

In a List Eon has calculated the power consumption and cost per year — with two hours of daily use — for the most popular game consoles of all time. In terms of efficiency, the Gameboy Color from 1989, it consumes only 0.18 watts of electricity and costs only about five cents a year.

Sony’s Playstation 2 from the year 2000 the best-selling game console is still quite cheap with around 5 euros per year. Even the Playstation 3 by contrast, in 2006 it consumes 137.97 watts and costs the user about 40 euros per year. This is the console with the highest energy consumption and electricity costs, directly followed by the Xbox 360, which costs the user 36 euros per year.

Later this year, Sony’s Playstation 5 And the Xbox Series X come to the market. It is estimated that the 4K graphics and the enormous computing power will also be reflected in the power consumption. According to Eon, those who play two hours a day will probably have to reckon with electricity costs of 33 to 55 euros per year for the two consoles.

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