Parts with defects: Breakdown in the production of the iPhone 12

Apple wanted to enter the gaming industry with the Pippin console, but customers didn’t want to play along.

An early example of Apple’s innovation and ambition is Pippin, a game console that Apple developed in the mid-1990s. With the system, you could Play online, which made it the first console to use the Internet to enhance the gaming experience. One of his most popular games, Super Marathon, was developed by Bungie, the creator stake of Halo.

Games for the console could also be developed by third-party developers, which helped bring the Mac OS operating system to more homes. Bandai was the main developer of the console.

As a precursor to Apple’s later practices, Pippin started at a higher price than is usual on the market — 599 dollars (540 euros) compared to the 299 euros (270 euros) for the Playstation and 199 dollars (179 euros) for the Nintendo 64.

The console sold only 42,000 copies. Steve Jobs, who returned to the company in 1997 and immediately stopped the project to have all Mac production back in-house, also didn’t like the idea that third-party developers could also work on it.

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