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I can’t get the average or mean of a column in pandas. A have a dataframe. Neither of things I tried below gives me the average of the column weight

>>> allDF 
         ID           birthyear  weight
0        619040       1962       0.1231231
1        600161       1963       0.981742
2      25602033       1963       1.3123124     
3        624870       1987       0.94212

The following returns several values, not one:


So does this:


If you only want the mean of the weight column, select the column (which is a Series) and call .mean():

In [479]: df
         ID  birthyear    weight
0    619040       1962  0.123123
1    600161       1963  0.981742
2  25602033       1963  1.312312
3    624870       1987  0.942120

In [480]: df["weight"].mean()
Out[480]: 0.83982437500000007

Try df.mean(axis=0) , axis=0 argument calculates the column wise mean of the dataframe so the result will be axis=1 is row wise mean so you are getting multiple values.

Do try to give print (df.describe()) a shot. I hope it will be very helpful to get an overall description of your dataframe.

Mean for each column in df :

    A   B   C
0   5   3   8
1   5   3   9
2   8   4   9


A    6.000000
B    3.333333
C    8.666667
dtype: float64

and if you want average of all columns:


you can use


you will get basic statistics of the dataframe and to get mean of specific column you can use


You can also access a column using the dot notation (also called attribute access) and then calculate its mean:


Additionally if you want to get the round value after finding the mean.

#Create a DataFrame
df1 = {
df1 = pd.DataFrame(df1,columns=['Subject','Score'])

rounded_mean = round(df1['Score'].mean()) # specified nothing as decimal place
print(rounded_mean) # 62

rounded_mean_decimal_0 = round(df1['Score'].mean(), 0) # specified decimal place as 0
print(rounded_mean_decimal_0) # 62.0

rounded_mean_decimal_1 = round(df1['Score'].mean(), 1) # specified decimal place as 1
print(rounded_mean_decimal_1) # 62.2

You can use either of the two statements below:

# or

You can simply go for:
that will provide you with all the relevant details you need, but to find the min, max or average value of a particular column (say ‘weights’ in your case), use:

    df['weights'].mean(): For average value
    df['weights'].max(): For maximum value
    df['weights'].min(): For minimum value

Do note that it needs to be in the numeric data type in the first place.

 import pandas as pd
 df['column'] = pd.to_numeric(df['column'], errors="coerce")

Next find the mean on one column or for all numeric columns using describe().


Example of result from describe:

count    62.000000 
mean     84.678548 
std     216.694615 
min      13.100000 
25%      27.012500 
50%      41.220000 
75%      70.817500 
max    1666.860000

You can easily follow the following code

import pandas as pd 
import numpy as np 
classxii = {'Name':['Karan','Ishan','Aditya','Anant','Ronit'],

df = pd.DataFrame(classxii,index = ['a','b','c','d','e'],columns=['Name','Subject','Score','Grade'])

#use the below for mean if you already have a dataframe
print('mean of score is:')

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