Pacman 30th anniversary from beginning till the end

Pacman 30th anniversary

Puckman 30th anniversary was celebrated in 2012, whereas on the 22 of May 2022, it was Pacman 30th anniversary. Before going into further details about the game, I decided to talk about its history and the purpose for which it was developed.

Well, it was 1980 when the developers of Pacman, Namco, decided to develop a game that people of different age brackets could play and enjoy. After thorough group discussion and lengthy planning, the company came up with the idea of Pacman that we play even today after 40 years of its development.

Initially, it was launched in Japan; however, due to its sprawling popularity in Japan, Pacman was re-released in the United States. It was called Puck Man in Japan, but they changed the name to Pac Man before its official release date in America. After its release in America, Pac man became one of the most played and popular games in the arcade game category.

Pacman 30th anniversary release in 1980 in the US

Pacman 30th anniversary was celebrated on the 22 of May 2022. Japanese developers first released this famous arcade game in Japan in 1980. At that time it was named puck man. Still, after receiving immense love and appreciation from the public, the company decided to release it in America, where everyone was a big fan of playing it for some valid reasons.

It didn’t become popular solely because it was easy and fun at the same time, but also because it was designed in such a way that people of all ages could play it. That means that its target market was immensely more significant, as compared to other games of any category. That game is rarely designed in such a way that it targets people of all age groups, unlike Pacman.

The further you read this blog, you will find more enticing information related to the Pacman 30th anniversary. Now if you wonder why people are so crazy about it, then remember that it’s easy and simple yet addictive and a great source of getting rid of boredom for people of all age groups.

Pacman history

As mentioned earlier, Namco, a Japanese company, decided to develop a game that people of all age groups could play. As a result of that, after thorough consideration, a team member named Toru Iwatani came up with the idea of Puck man and eventually designed the game.

The idea of developing a game that should be calm and easy as well as free from violence, helped them in designing Pacman. With time the company brought various changes to the game that are mentioned below.

Pacman was initially released in Japan with the name “Puck Man” on May, 22, 1980. Similarly, its classic edition was released in America in October 1980, where it became a game because it has sold the highest number of units sold in a year was, 100,000, and no other game had ever sold this number of units sold in the United States.

In the following year, after the successful launch of Pacman in Japan and America, Namco introduced another game based on a dual fighter named Galaga. Remember that initially, Pacman did not have a female; however, in 1982, the developers released a new version featuring a female design with a ribbon on her head. Although they changed it a bit, it was still similar to the original Pacman.

This version successfully achieved 9th position on the leaderboard of top 100 charts, its recorded album grabbed 24th position in music charts, and cartoons were also released simultaneously, featured in ANC network television channels, in the US.

After three years of its release, Pacman became widely popular across the United States as a result millions of people joined the game and the die-hard fans of the game called it the “mickey mouse of the 80s.” In 1984, Namco came up with another game update where players were supposed to reach the top of the tower by crossing various mysteries.

From 1985 to 2009

After a successful 4 years journey of the game where millions of copies of the game were sold as well as millions of people from various groups started playing it, in 1985 the company decided to bring another massive change and that was the release of Dragon Buster. In this game, players were supposed to run away and protect a princess from dangerous dragons.

After two years of Dragon Buster, another game was released by Namco that was based on shooting. In this game the hero is transformed into a demon who is a monstrous king. Until 1990, the company released numerous games and newer versions of their games that include Meal Hawk and “Valkyrie No Densetsu.” 

Between 1991 and 2004. Namco kept on releasing new games and would also bring updates to their existing games; moreover, with the comparatively advancement of technology, new features and designs were added to the game. Furthermore, other gaming developers adopted technology and came up with enticing designs, characters and graphics that added more to the user experience.

2005 was the year when the success of Pac man was officially appreciated, and this was the year when the founder of Pac man Toru Iwatani, published his book named “PAC-MAN No Game Gaku Nyumon.” Guianese Book of World Record declared Pac man the world’s most famous coin base game in the same year.

In 2006 numerous games were released such as PS 3, Nintendo DS Lite, Wii, and Pac-Man Defense were also released in the year. Whereas in 2009, the fastest and easiest gaming console was released that was called SP GO.

The reason behind the global success of Pac Man

Other than Pacman’s 30th anniversary of the Pac man, this game has received so much love and appreciation from its fans that it is difficult for any other such game to receive, but this doesn’t mean that the game ends here. The developers are determined to keep on launching its newer version and have no plan of discontinuing it soon. 

This game is so popular because more and more people are playing it with the passage of time, which means that its followers have increased with time, unlike any other arcade game. Moreover, the game is widely famous because it has adopted recent technology and allows players to play it on their mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. You can also play Pan Man on various other gaming consoles.

Apart from dominance in arcade games, Pac Man has shown consistency and continuous innovation in the games that have made people fall in love with it, not to mention the appreciation of google on Pacman 30th anniversary which added more to the game’s value.

Pacman 30h anniversary google doodle

When it comes to special events such as independence dates of countries, or other religious events such as Eid and Christmas, Google changes its logo accordingly to show their appreciation and love for the event. The same thing has happened on Pacman 30th anniversary.

This time things were different when google changed its logo because the logo was turned into “playable” that was never seen before in the history of Pac man. This means that users could play that doodle game by simply clicking on the logo and the game would start without you doing anything else.

Similarly, clicking twice on the coin would allow two players to play the game simultaneously; however, one could use WASD buttons on the keyboard to control the second player. This way people further enjoyed the game and loved this feature that was offered by google on Pacman 30th anniversary.

Download Pacman

Pac Man has become one of the oldest arcade games whose number of users keeps on increasing rather than decreasing, similar to other games. Most of the games lose their fame and fan base after several years; however this is not the case with Pac Man. In response to paying tribute to its outstanding success, Google changed its logo to a playable Pac Man logo where players could easily play the game by just clicking on the logo.

Moreover, Google decided to offer an online feature to Pac Man fans. But if google doodle doesn’t work on your computer, it bars you from playing it online. you do not need to worry about it because you can download I for a better user experience and play it offline despite the fact that Google doesn’t allow its users to download Pac Man from google. There are various gaming sites available, so in case you decide to play it, you can simply search those websites and easily find a way to play it. You can also download Pacman 30th anniversary from there. The amazing part regarding this game is that it is free to download but only from your PC and Desktop.

Fun facts about Pac man

When Google turned its logo into a playable one, it added more value to the game and showed how successful and popular it is. There are various other amazing facts about Pac Man for example, when the company designed and launched this game, they never knew that it would be later on called Pac man as its first name was puck man and they had to change it for some legal issues.

Another fantastic fact about Pac man is that he turned 30 this year, and the majority of the internet users are also 30 years old, which is quite funny.

The third fantastic fact about this game is that the developer of the game was Japanese, not American. This guy is famous by the name Toru Iwatani; however, this is not his real name; on the contrary, his real name was Toshio Iwatani.

How the game works

The game was initially designed for PC, and these players were able to control the character with four arrow keys of the keyboard, or it could also be played with a joystick. The prime goal of the game is to let the character consume all 240 dots by maneuvering in different directions; however, you need to ensure that neither of the four ghosts on the map is located and chased.

Once either of these four ghosts finds you, they will start chasing you until they kill you and you will lose a life. Most of the players know that these hosts will kill you; however, they don’t know that each of these four ghosts employs different strategies to chase and ultimately kill you. In this way you will never know which move these ghosts are going to take in order to kill you, and that’s what makes the game more fun to play.

Remember that these four ghosts have their names: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. I am sure that after knowing these two newer features (for most of the users) about Pac Mac, you would definitely want to play it.

Final words

The success of Pac Mac can be judged by Pacman 30th anniversary where google paid exceptionally well tribute to the game. On its 30th anniversary, fans were able to play it by simply clicking on the playable logo of google and it would automatically take them to the game.

Remember that Pac Mac was initially launched by a Japanese company called Nomac in Japan and at that time it was named Puck Man. After they realized the game’s potential, its developers decided to launch it in the United States in the same year.

This game was loved and appreciated by people of all ages because it was unlike other games where they target a specific age group, limiting their market. Since the target age group of Pac Mac was broader, it sold 100,000 units which was more than any other game at that time.

The best part about Pac man is that it was designed keeping in mind that there should be a game that is calm and peaceful as well as free from violence and noise.

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