Open PIL image from byte file

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I have this image with size 128 x 128 pixels and RGBA stored as byte values in my memory. But

from PIL import Image

image_data = ... # byte values of the image
image = Image.frombytes('RGBA', (128,128), image_data)

throws the exception

ValueError: not enough image data

Why? What am I doing wrong?

The documentation for says that it can accept a file-like object, so you should be able to pass in a io.BytesIO object created from the bytes object containing the encoded image:

from PIL import Image
import io

image_data = ... # byte values of the image
image =

You can try this:

image = Image.frombytes('RGBA', (128,128), image_data, 'raw')

Source Code:

def frombytes(mode, size, data, decoder_name="raw", *args):
    param mode: The image mode.
    param size: The image size.
    param data: A byte buffer containing raw data for the given mode.
    param decoder_name: What decoder to use.

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