One Piece Treasure Cruise Mod APK [God Mode]

ROLE-PLAYING GAME ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage) is based on the popular manga entitled One Piece, written by Oda Eiichiro. Take the opportunity to collect all the characters from the One Piece universe, explore the Grand Line, and get what you deserve.

This manga has won the hearts of fans around the world, and is regularly  serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. The series started in its 34th issue on July 19, 1997. The series has been running for 23 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

The game, developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, takes its plot from the original manga and uses a turn-based gameplay system. Despite the fact that the plot is updated continuously, each update produces a different plot. The plot has still been kept; therefore, you don’t need to wonder if it’s been changed or omitted.

As you probably know, the manga is set in a world ruled by pirates that has its roots in the death of Gol D. Roger. It was he who introduced pirates to the world by saying, “My treasure?”, before he died. You can get it by going to the sea! Look for it! All my belongings are under the sea!“.

It is this saying that motivates everyone to search for the One Piece treasure at sea. This is the beginning of the tale of the pirate age. In ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, the gameplay is based on turn-based technology. You can’t just sit there and watch them fight, but you need to actively take care of damage to deal the maximum amount.

A word “BAM” will appear around the target after your first character rushes to hit it. As soon as “BAM” appears in the crosshair, you must click on the next character to perform  Chain Attack. In addition to using a character’s special attack, each character has their own special attack, you can also combine Chain Attack with Special Attack to further maximize your damage.

In order to win this game, you must have good timing. Furthermore, the characters’ attacks counter each other in this very tactical game. During every battle, counter-boards will appear every time one of your attacks opposes the opponent’s element, increasing your damage and vice versa, when you are attacked, taking less damage.

There are over 2000 characters in the famous One Piece work that are on board ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE. The game will introduce you to Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Pirate Nami, Robin – Child of the Devil and Hancook, … With so many characters to choose from, you feel free to collect the ones you like best.

To complete your task, you must collect six characters from your collection. There are over 2000 characters available to create squads with, and you can make a super-strong lineup or a weak one

Could an invincible team of characters be compiled? I don’t believe that. As I said, the goal in this game is to build a team to win the battle, so how you build this team is crucial. Newbies can find rankings and tools for building squads on some websites and YouTube channels.

You will follow Luffy’s plot in the first chapter called, Romance Dawn. The idol that Luffy was attracted to was Red Haired Shanks, who lived in Foosha village. Having been influenced by him, Luffy grew up and went to sea to build his own crew of Straw Hat pirates.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE has you following the storyline and battling the antagonists that Luffy must fight. The journey to find One Piece starts with Alvida, then Captain Morgan, then The Clown Buggy…you’ll encounter many difficulties and challenges along the way. 

With each level, you will be facing better and better enemies, such as the Admiral of the Marines, Yonko, etc. Therefore, character upgrades are very important for defeating the enemy. Parallel to the adventure with advanced characters, you’ll also need to level up for them, increase the strength with runes, etc. in order for them to become stronger.

There are also limited-time events running during holidays on ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE. When you go to those events, you should focus on them because they are bound to contain gifts, characters that are limited, and materials for you to upgrade your  character.

The graphics on ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE are made up of both 2D and 3D pictures. You can view the information on a character in 2D, but when you enter a battle, the character becomes a chibi version. Even though the characters are in chibi style, the skill animations have the same cool feel as the original series. This is the level of sophistication the game graphics offered by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment are at.


This is indeed an interesting and very good One Piece game. There’s nothing not to like in this game, from the graphics to the gameplay. Those who are fans of the One Piece manga series will not want to miss out on this game. By downloading the APK file below and installing it, you can start your quest for treasure in One Piece.


Because this is a collectible game, you might want to reroll before getting started. On the internet, you can find the Tier Lists of characters as well as instructions for building squads, tactics, and simply buying your favorite character. Emulators can help you Reroll significantly faster and more conveniently than without them.

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