O365 Federation Setup – Set-MsolDomainAuthentication – “Unable to complete action. Try again later” message

I’m using Powershell to convert the O365 domain to Federated using “Set-MsolDomainAuthentication” command. When I run that command with proper parameters, I get the following error – “Set-MsolDomainAuthentication : Unable to complete this action. Try again later”.

Below is the command I used –

$dom = "mydomain.net"
$passiveLogOnUri = "{{...}}"
$activeLogOnUri = "{{...}}"
$entity = "wsfed-o365-idp"
$logOffUrl = "{{...}}"
$signingCert = "{{...}}"

Set-MsolDomainAuthentication -DomainName $dom -FederationBrandName $dom -    Authentication Federated -PassiveLogOnUri $passiveLogOnUri -SigningCertificate $signingCert -IssuerUri $entity -ActiveLogOnUri $activeLogOnUri -LogOffUri $logOffUrl -PreferredAuthenticationProtocol "WsFed"

I waited for a few hours and tried. I still get this error. This is getting to be a block for me. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Solution #1:

**** RESOLVED *** It was an article I read in MS forums (could not find it now 🙁 ) Basically if I want to federate O365 domains with a 3rd party Identity provider, these domains cannot share the same IssueUrl. They have to be unique. I was using the same IssuerUrI for this domain. Byt setting up another configuration and using that, I was able to make my O365 domain a federated one. Thanks to all who took time to review and comment.

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