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If you have an existing restaurant, the chances are pretty high that you have some kind of menu—whether it’s on the wall, on a stand next to your table, or in the kitchen behind the bar. However, if you’re looking to take your restaurant to the next level, upgrading your menu with digital signage software may be just what you need to do so. KiwiSign’s extensive range of digital menu boards can help you change how your customers order food and interact with your business, whether that’s through their mobile devices or at their table in your restaurant.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards are a great addition to any restaurant. They have the ability to show off your food, pricing, and features in a way that is quick and easy for customers to read. We offer a wide variety of designs and customization options so you can make your restaurant stand out without breaking the bank. With our digital menu boards, you’ll be able to make changes at any time. Plus, it’s not just about the menu! You can use our digital menu boards for signage as well as other things like displaying upcoming events or specials for your guests. KiwiSign has created a digital signage software specifically designed for restaurants which allows them to easily manage their content on one system that is accessible from anywhere they have internet access.

What should I Expect From New Zealand’s Leading Digital Sign Company?

We provide digital signage software and hardware solutions that are designed to optimize the customer experience. Our digital menu boards allow you to easily show off your food, pricing, and features with the click of a button. Between our durable designs and easy-to-use interfaces, we’re confident that customers will want to order more food than ever before!

Why Choose KiwiSign?

Digital menu boards are a great way to set your restaurant apart in the competitive industry. They’re easy to update, and they allow you to show off your food, pricing, and features with just the click of a button. Plus, our durable designs are guaranteed not to break down on you when you need them most. Take a look at some more ways digital menu boards can benefit your restaurant below:

  • The perfect choice for restaurants that want their culinary creations to shine
  • They make it easy for customers to see what’s being offered without missing out on anything
  • Updates are as simple as clicking a button
  • Durable design is built to last – we guarantee it!

How Can I Start Enjoying Our Products In My Business Today?

KiwiSign’s digital menu boards allow you to easily show off your food, pricing, and features with the click of a button. Between our durable designs and easy-to-use software, there’s no excuse not to have a beautiful menu board! Whether you’re a restaurant looking to give your guests an engaging dining experience or a business looking for that first impression, KiwiSign can help.

  1. Start by taking some photos of the inside and outside of your restaurant or store (it’s even better if you have a photographer do it).
  2. Enter these photos into the template in our software for free (We’ll even give you templates specific to restaurants!) 3. Click ‘Publish’ and start taking orders!

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