Introducing The New ScanSnap iX1400 Series

Introducing The New ScanSnap iX1400 Series

Whether you’re a remote worker or managing a household, your home office is key to functionality and productivity. A powerful scanner is critical for processing and digitizing incoming documents: It’s absolutely essential for nearly every user. With its one-touch scanning and intelligent imaging features, the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400 is an excellent choice. This brief guide introduces the core features and benefits of the iX1400. 

One-Touch Button Scanning

The ScanSnap iX1400 scans with just the touch of a button — literally. Fujitsu’s ScanSnap software and an intuitive menu system accessible on the front of the scanner make this possible. Using the Quick Menu on the iX1400, you can scan documents and store them in your email, a folder or your ScanSnap cloud storage. You also have the option to directly print your scanned items.

Faster, More Efficient Scans

With the iX1400, you can also complete your scanning jobs faster. It boasts a 40-page-per-minute scanning speed plus a 50-sheet automatic document feeder capable of both single and duplex modes. It also includes Multi-Feed Detection features: overlap detection and length detection via ultrasonic sensors to help prevent jams and misfeeds.

The iX1400 can also handle non-standard documents such as cards and photographs. Manual feed mode accommodates items up to 0.76 millimeters thick. Supported paper sizes include standard letter, legal and A4. 

Automatic document settings do much of the heavy lifting for you. Intelligent image processing works through features such as rotation, de-skewing and blank page removal plus automatic color and size detection. These processes are handled automatically without the need for you to adjust or change settings, shortening the time it takes to complete each scan. 

Utilizing ScanSnap

No scanner is complete without software. While your scanning app is vital for operating the machine and processing your scanned documents, Fujitsu’s ScanSnap takes these functions to a whole new level. ScanSnap does much of the hard work behind the scenes to transform your raw scans into the documents and data you need to access and store. 

The Paper-to-Digital Transformation

To get scans into usable digital data, Fujitsu’s ScanSnap uses several core features. Automatic document settings and image correction are just the first steps. ScanSnap includes optical character recognition, which “reads” your scanned image for relevant text. OCR renders this data editable and searchable, perfect for saving into popular formats such as MS Word or Excel. 

Document categorization is another crucial part of ScanSnap. This feature recognizes common document formats plus receipts and business cards, allowing you to quickly save and access these files. With the iX1400’s speed, efficiency and clarity, you can tackle incoming waves of paper while saving time, improving your productivity and staying organized.

Transforming Your Home Office

Besides all its powerful features, Fujitsu’s ScanSnap ix1400 fits comfortably into most home office spaces. Measuring 11.5 inches wide by 6.3 inches deep, its desktop footprint is smaller than many laptops. The iX1400 typically ships with ScanSnap Home, but other versions are available: ScanSnap Manager, Cloud and Connect. These options allow you to choose the apps and features that best meet your needs. 

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