Installing virtualenvwrapper on Windows

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I’ve installed virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper on Windows using easy_install. But mkvirtualenv is missing. I tried to search on my machine but I couldn’t find it. I don’t know how to solve it. Do you have any idea?

virtualenv helpers for Windows command shell:

I’ve ported virtualenvwrapper to Powershell. Grab it from the BitBucket repo!

mkvirtualenv is a bash script so you need to run bash shell to make use of it.

mkvirtualenv is a bash function in the mkvirtualenv_bashrc script

You will need to run this from cygwin under Windows. (You can call a native python from this and not need a cygwin python)

virtualenvwrapper is for Linux/Unix, but this post gives some virtualenv support for Windows users (Bitbucket source is here).

In windows we need to use virtualenv not mkvirtualenv while creating virtual environments

What worked for me (speaking in 2021) is the following:

  1. Clone the virtualenvwrapper-powershell git repo
  2. Navigate to the folder “virtualenvwrapper-powershell”
  3. Open PowerShell there, if you haven’t navigated there via PowerShell itself, and execute the command ./Install.ps1
  4. Restart PowerShell and that’s it: you should see a success message like “Virtual Env Wrapper for Powershell activated”

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