Identifying Excel Sheet cell color code using XLRD package

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I am writing a python script to read data from an excel sheet using xlrd. Few of the cells of the the work sheet are highlighted with different color and I want to identify the color code of the cell. Is there any way to do that ? An example would be really appreciated.

Here is one way to handle this:

import xlrd
book = xlrd.open_workbook("sample.xls", formatting_info=True)
sheets = book.sheet_names()
print "sheets are:", sheets
for index, sh in enumerate(sheets):
    sheet = book.sheet_by_index(index)
    print "Sheet:",
    rows, cols = sheet.nrows, sheet.ncols
    print "Number of rows: %s   Number of cols: %s" % (rows, cols)
    for row in range(rows):
        for col in range(cols):
            print "row, col is:", row+1, col+1,
            thecell = sheet.cell(row, col)      
            # could get 'dump', 'value', 'xf_index'
            print thecell.value,
            xfx = sheet.cell_xf_index(row, col)
            xf = book.xf_list[xfx]
            bgx = xf.background.pattern_colour_index
            print bgx

More info on the Python-Excel Google Group.

The Solution suggested by JMax works only for xls file, not for xlsx file. This raises a NotImplementedError: formatting_info=True not yet implemented. Xlrd library is still not updated to work for xlsx files. So you have to Save As and change the format every time which may not work for you.

Here is a solution for xlsx files using openpyxl library. A2 is the cell whose color code we need to find out.

import openpyxl
from openpyxl import load_workbook
wb = load_workbook(excel_file, data_only = True)
sh = wb['Sheet1']
color_in_hex = sh['A2'].fill.start_color.index # this gives you Hexadecimal value of the color
print ('HEX =',color_in_hex) 
print('RGB =', tuple(int(color_in_hex[i:i+2], 16) for i in (0, 2, 4))) # Color in RGB

This function returns cell background’s rgb value in tuple.

def getBGColor(book, sheet, row, col):
    xfx = sheet.cell_xf_index(row, col)
    xf = book.xf_list[xfx]
    bgx = xf.background.pattern_colour_index
    pattern_colour = book.colour_map[bgx]

    #Actually, despite the name, the background colour is not the background colour.
    #background_colour_index = xf.background.background_colour_index
    #background_colour = book.colour_map[background_colour_index]

    return pattern_colour

# say you have an Excel file called workbook
 and inside it there is a worksheet called worksheet

# inside that worksheet is cell say C1 that is highlighted
 and you want to get the color value of the highlighted cell

# Trying the openpyxl package
import openpyxl

# Importing all modules from the openpyxl package
from openpyxl import *

# reading ev2 excel workbook through load_workbook function
workbook = load_workbook("C:PATHTO/workbook.xlsx")

# Accessing existing worksheets
worksheet = workbook ["worksheet"]

## METHOD1 ##

# Getting the highlight property of the cell
highlight=str(worksheet ['C1'].fill)

# Printing out the value of the color

## METHOD 2 ##

print(worksheet ['C11'].fill.start_color.index)

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