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How to Apply for a Teacher Job in 2022-23?

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As a teacher, you exude professional dignity. Teachers play a crucial in shaping the world of tomorrow as they are responsible for the education of the young of today. This is precisely why teaching jobs are so much in demand today.

First off, I think it’s fantastic that you want to work in education. Second, if you’re serious about going for your dreams, you should probably present a Teacher Resume that reflects your best qualities.

Knowing what to put on a resume for a teaching position might be difficult. How to decide what goes in and what doesn’t?

Every question you may have is answered in this post, and it was written specifically to help you as a teacher (whether new to the profession or a seasoned educator) apply for a job. To help our readers better grasp the topic at hand, we will also present Teacher Resume Examples and go into detail on the proper format for a Teacher Resume. In light of this, if you follow our advice, you will soon have a Teacher Resume that can stand with the best of them.

Now the question then is how to guarantee that your Teacher Resume is noteworthy. Some ideas are as follows:

Put your best foot forward with an engaging Summary Statement

Here is your chance to convince the organization that you are the greatest candidate for the position, so make use of it. Be sure to showcase your teaching experience and list anything particularly special that you may have achieved in your teaching career.

Describe your career in education in reverse chronological order

Your work experience is best presented in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent position, to make the greatest impression on potential employers. This is mainly because employers tend to focus on an applicant’s work history above else as they do not want to spend time, energy, and resources in training someone when they can get someone who gets started working the very next day of hire. Don’t forget to mention the institutions you worked for, how long you were there, and what accomplished and learned in your previous engagements.

Describe your accomplishments and relevant work experience

Include not only your teaching experience but also any other skills or experience that might make you an asset to the school. Anything from helping kids with special needs to planning after-school events falls under this umbrella.

Use appropriate search terms

As organizations compete for top talent, they must sift through a large volume of resumes using keyword scanning software. How to figure out what these keywords and phrases are? Well, you can most likely find them in the job listing for the position. Include these phrases in your Teacher Resume to emphasize your teaching experience and skill-set for the best results.

Before sending out your resume, make sure it is error-free in terms of spelling and punctuation

When you are through completing your resume, please double-check it for errors. If you want to make a good impression on potential employers, make sure you proofread thoroughly.

Helpful Hints for Educators Creating a Resume

Now that we’ve discussed what goes into your teacher resume let’s look at a few examples of how to implement the aforementioned guide.

Creating a Summary Statement for your Teacher Resume

In this section, you should think critically about your prior teaching experiences. Provide concrete examples to back up your claims of success. Show your excitement for the role and emphasize your most spectacular accomplishments.

An excellent example of a Summary Statement for a Teacher Resume:

“Professionally-minded, a results-oriented expert who can quickly identify knowledge gaps and propose solutions that will help fill them with meaningful training. Excellent at reaching out to colleagues for guidance and establishing rapport with students of different backgrounds. To put my five years of experience to good use, I’m looking for a challenging new role.”

Why this is a good illustration:

  • Proves how hard you’ve worked
  • You should not reveal too much information about your employer, but you should highlight your years of experience.
  • Draws attention to the most crucial elements of the work.
  • Also, it shows motivation to work for the organization.

Work Experience section for a Teacher Resume

This part of your resume is where you can expand on your previous work experience. Make sure potential employers can see your level of expertise in the field by including any applicable information about your previous work and achievements. Plus, using this they’ll be able to evaluate your efficacy as an educator.

Here are some great examples of Work History for a Teacher Resume:

  • Referred the students who they suspected may have learning problems to the appropriate agencies.
  • It was my responsibility to give out assignments and evaluate student progress. We talked over the oral presentations, then we got to work on the products.
  • Field trips are organized and scheduled for students (as required).
  • Guaranteed the security of all instructional materials necessary to implement the desired pedagogical approach.
  • Made an effort to get along with the parents and stay in touch with them.

What makes these examples good?

  •  Shows a clear and comprehensive account of the tasks accomplished.
  • Made with bullet points for clarity and to set apart various tasks.
  •  Presents evidence of your diligence and perseverance.
  • It demonstrates the impact you’ve made through your prior work experience.
  •  Showcases gained Teaching Experience for Your Resume

Include both your Hard and Soft Skills in your resume.

Hard skills are the most sought-after by companies because they can be easily defined and measured.

What Kind of Hard Skills Should I List on My Teacher Resume?

  • Techniques for Record Keeping
  • Reporting the Latest Events
  • Counseling
  • Building Curriculum
  • Conditional Probability of Interest-Ready

Known as “Soft Skills,” the latter demonstrate to prospective employers how you approach and perform in a certain role, and are thus more indicative of your character.

Some examples of transferable skills that would look well on a teacher’s resume are:

  • Capacity for Expression
  • Capabilities in interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to competently lead
  • Ability to control one’s schedule effectively
  • Competences in interpersonal interactions

How to Make Your Resume Education Section Stand Out

If you have substantial work experience and are applying for a teaching position, your education section should not be taking up too much space on your Teacher Resume. Typically, a section titled “Education” that includes your university, degree, and graduation year will do.

“University of South Michigan Bachelor of Arts in Education (2015).”

However, if your employment experience is lacking, you can make up for it by emphasizing your academic success, particularly in relevant courses and extracurricular activities. Including, but not limited to:

“The University of South Michigan, Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, 2021

3.7 GPA

Relative Coursework:

  • Classroom Management
  • Child Psychology”


To be eligible for a specific teaching post, you might need to have a specific set of qualifications. Putting together a resume that shines a light on your qualifications is something you may be thinking. Weird, this shouldn’t be here; it seems more appropriate under the “Education” heading “. In short, your certificates can be submitted under the Education heading, but keep in mind that they could be the decisive factor in your job hunt and that recruiters can overlook them if they are filed under the improper heading. If it happens, you’ve blown a great opportunity. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated section for Credentials and to list them all out.

Resume Template

As mentioned before, teaching is a very sought-after profession all over the world which means that competition is tough and this translates into applying to multiple jobs before landing the one that you want. Furthermore not all teaching jobs are the same nor should the Resumes used for them. So, the idea is to create a targeted resume for each job. This can be very time consuming and thus we recommend users use a resume template. A resume template is simply the structure of the resume which is properly sectioned off, lacking any content. A resume template also defines the visuals of a resume and therefore a good resume template is necessary if you want an employer’s attention. Using a resume template is easy and using a resume template makes making multiple targeted resumes a piece of cake.

The MyResumeLift Resume Builder has many beautifully designed Resume Templates ingrained into its structure. After giving some basic information you can choose any resume template that you desire and aligns with your job and from there on the resume builder will guide you in coming up with the content of your resume, making the process even easier.

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