How do you test a single file in pytest? I could only find ignore options and no “test this file only” option in the docs.

Preferably this would work on the command line instead of setup.cfg, as I would like to run different file tests in the ide. The entire suite takes too long.

simply run pytest with the path to the file

something like

pytest tests/

Use the :: syntax to run a specific test in the test file:


Here test_func can be a test method or a class (e.g.: pytest

For more ways and details, see “Specifying which tests to run” in the docs.

This is pretty simple:

$ pytest -v /path/to/

The -v flag is to increase verbosity. If you want to run a specific test within that file:

$ pytest -v /path/to/

If you want to run test which names follow a patter you can use:

$ pytest -v -k "pattern_one or pattern_two" /path/to/

You also have the option of marking tests, so you can use the -m flag to run a subset of marked tests.

def test_number_one():
    assert 1 == 1

def test_number_two():
    assert [1] == [1]

To run test marked with run_these_please:

$ pytest -v -m run_these_please /path/to/

This worked for me:

python -m pytest -k

This works for individual test functions too:

python -m pytest -k test_about_something