How to change working directory in Jupyter Notebook?

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I couldn’t find a place for me to change the working directory in Jupyter Notebook, so I couldn’t use the pd.read_csv method to read in a specific csv document.

Is there any way to make it? FYI, I’m using Python3.5.1 currently.


Running os.chdir(NEW_PATH) will change the working directory.

import os
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You may use jupyter magic command as below

%cd "C:\abc\xyz\"

First you need to create the config file, using cmd :
jupyter notebook --generate-config
Then, search for C:\Users\your_username\.jupyter folder (Search for that folder), and right click edit the

Then, Ctrl+F: #c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir=”” . Note that the quotes are single quotes. Select your directory you want to have as home for your jupyter, and copy it with Ctrl+C, for example: C:\Users\username\Python Projects.

Then on that line, paste it like this : c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir=”C:\\Users\\username\\Python Projects”

Make sure to remove #, as it is as comment.

Make sure to double slash \\ on each name of your path.
Ctrl+S to save the file !!!

Go back to your cmd and run jupyter notebook. It should be in your directory of choice. Test it by making a folder and watch your directory from your computer.

on Jupyter notebook, try this:

pwd                  #this shows the current directory 

if this is not the directory you like and you would like to change, try this:

import os 

Then try pwd again to see if the directory is what you want.

It works for me.

it is similar to jason lee as he mentioned earlier:

in Jupyter notebook, you can access the current working directory by


or by import OS from library and running os.getcwd()

i.e. for example

In[ ]: import os

       os.getcwd( )

out[ ]: :c\\users\\admin\\Desktop\\python    

        (#This is my working directory)

Changing Working Directory

For changing the Working Directory (much more similar to current W.d just you need to change from os.getcwd() to os.chdir('desired location')

In[ ]: import os

       os.chdir('c:user/chethan/Desktop')        (#This is where i want to update my w.d, 
                                                  like that choose your desired location)
out[  ]: 'c:user\\chethan\\Desktop'

It’s simple, every time you open Jupyter Notebook and you are in your current work directory, open the Terminal in the near top right corner position where create new Python file in. The terminal in Jupyter will appear in the new tab.
Type command cd <your new work directory> and enter, and then type Jupyter Notebook in that terminal, a new Jupyter Notebook will appear in the new tab with your new work directory.

Jupyter under the WinPython environment has a batch file in the scripts folder called:


You need to edit the following line in it:

echo WINPYWORKDIR = %%HOMEDRIVE%%%%HOMEPATH%%\Documents\WinPython%%WINPYVER%%\Notebooks>>"%winpython_ini%"

replacing the Documents\WinPython%%WINPYVER%%\Notebooks part with your folder address.

Notice that the %%HOMEDRIVE%%%%HOMEPATH%%\ part will identify the root and user folders (i.e. C:\Users\your_name\) which will allow you to point different WinPython installations on separate computers to the same cloud storage folder (e.g. OneDrive), accessing and working with the same files from different machines. I find that very useful.

Open jupyter notebook click upper right corner new and select terminal then type cd + your desired working path and press enter this will change your dir. It worked for me

  1. list all magic command %lsmagic
  2. show current directory %pwd

I have did it on windows machine. Detail mentioned below

  1. From windows start menu open “Anaconda Prompt

  2. Find .jupyter folder file path .
    In command prompt just type
    2 or 3 to find the .jupyter path

  3. After find the .jupyter folder, check there has “jupyter_notebook_config” file or not. If it is not there then run below command

After run the command it will create “”

if do not have administrator permission then Some time you could not find .jupyter folder . Still you can open config file from any of the text editor

  1. Open “” file from the the “.jypyter” folder.
  2. After open the file need to update the directory is use for notebooks and kernel. There are so many line in config file so find “#c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir” and update the path



Save the file
6. Now try to create or read some file from the location you set

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