How to Become a Full Stack Developer?

How to Become a Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack developer is a person who can create both server and client software. The responsibilities of a full stack developer are as follows:

  • Using a website from start to final launch.
  • Developing and prototyping websites together with user interface teams.
  • Building user interactions through active front-end architecture.
  • Managing server administration roles and database.
  • Communicating with clients to discuss the effectiveness of the product.

To become a full-stack developer, one should get familiar with the terms, front end, and back end. The best way to learn and excel in this field is to join the well-organized Full Stack Developer course from top institutes.

The front end refers to the client-side. These are the elements of computer software that users interact with directly. The front-end developers develop visible website parts and ensure that the components are responsive to tablets, desktops, and smartphones. The programming languages used by these developers are mostly JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

The back end refers to the server-side. It includes all the technologies that fulfill user requests, evaluates business logic, and store data. The back-end programmers develop internal software that regulates the company’s servers and databases. They deliver information from and to the users who utilize front-end interfaces.

Steps to Becoming a Full Stack Developer

New technology and tools are developing every year for the developers to improve their productivity and create better websites for users. Due to this, the demand for full-stack developers is increasing in the tech industries. As competition is also increasing, it becomes challenging for the aspirants to remain on top of the web development game. 

Some important steps will help the aspirants to become full-stack developers. These steps are as follows:

  • Choose the Path

Before going for any training course, decide what type of developer you want to become. One can become a full stack developer for the following reasons:

  1. Working as a freelance developer
  2. Becoming a consultant for other companies
  3. To open your own company
  4. To build your apps

It is important to decide the goals because then only an individual can choose the right tools and technology.

  • Get Thorough With the Tools

The basic tools for the full stack developer are:

  1. Computer and Operating System (OS) – It is the most important tool as without this one cannot create the program.
  2. Text Editor –This tool helps to edit, enter and store text characters. full stack developers edit the source code of programming languages using this tool. 
  3. Browser – This tool resolves troubleshoot problems during development. 
  4. Terminal –This tool increases efficiency. One can execute the commands for tasks using the terminal. 
  5. Front-end tools – These tools include bootstrap, angular.js, foundation, python, JavaScript, elixir, CSS, and HTML.
  6. Back-end tools – These tools include react, D3.js, Lodash, ember.js, and Django.
  7. Package Managers –This tool is used to importing external reliances and create a project environment. Using this tool, one can find any product. 
  8. Database –The database is required by websites and applications to store data.
  • Learn the Required Skills

A beginner needs to specialize in training and project experience to become a professional full-stack web developer. There are certain skills a full stack developer must know:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Java
  5. NoSQL
  6. SQL
  7. DOM Manipulation
  8. Object-oriented programming

Web developers can learn these skills by joining boot camps or a web development course.

  • Choose the Learning Format

There are many educational routes through which candidates can grasp all the fundamentals of full-stack development. A candidate can choose any educational route according to his convenience to become a web developer. These primary methods are discussed below:

  1. Bootcamps – Bootcamps help candidates to learn all the basic skills needed to become a full-stack web developer. After the completion of the boot camp, a candidate will have gained all the skills, made important organizational connections, created a strong impressive portfolio, and prepared himself for finding jobs.
  2. Online courses – Besides boot camps, there are several online Full Stack developer courses that offer lower costs and greater flexibility. These courses provide candidates with experts’ guidance, additional study materials, and an enthusiastic learner community. 
  3. Degree programs –It is the most common educational route to becoming web developers. The degree programs require financial and time commitment. Through these programs, candidates will receive comprehensive knowledge, can do internships, and make strong connections with companies. They will get an extensive understanding of both development practice and theory.
  4. Self-learning – Candidates who are not that interested in joining any boot camp or online course, then they opt for self-learning. They can refer to guide books and online tutorials. These study materials can provide all basic learnings of full-stack development. Candidates who choose self-studying should be passionate and remain disciplined. 
  • Develop Projects

One understands the concepts well when he learns how to apply them. Applied learning is the best way to remember all the fundamentals. Candidates should analyze themselves to know how much they have understood. They can do this by taking simple projects from the boot camps or by taking open-source projects. This will add value to their portfolios and enable them to work together with other developers.

  • Create a Strong Profile

Portfolios play a major role in finding jobs. They act as evidence of candidates’ capabilities and creates impression on the recruiters. The recruiters will get to know about the candidate’s work experience, the tools and technology used by him, and his role in the project through the profile. 

  • Seek Full Stack Developer Jobs

After completing multiple internships and building a profile, the next step is to find full-stack developer jobs. Decide career goals and start looking for jobs. Maintain the Resume with feedback letters as it helps to grab a recruiter’s attention. Candidates should not limit themselves to online searches. They should contact the company directly, sign up for weekly job alerts, and appear at career fairs or seminars. 

  • Prepare Well For the Job Interview 

Candidates should prepare well to ace the interview round. They can acquire the following practices and give their best during the interview:

  1. Candidates should thoroughly prepare themselves for a technical job interview as the questions asked in this interview are different from other interviews. For this, they can practice mock interviews to know what type of questions are asked by the interviewer.
  2. They should talk about their strengths, capabilities, interests, and weaknesses. If the interviewer asks a candidate what type of job he prefers, then he should not get afraid to share his interests regarding the job.
  3. Candidates should show their portfolios to the recruiters. They should include clear examples of their full-stack web development experience. 
  4. In some interviews, recruiters may ask the candidate to write the codes or prepare a project. Candidates should make sure they are ready for it. They should dedicate their energy and time to completing the assigned projects. 


Full Stack development allows aspirants to enhance their technical skills. They are trained to create both back-end and front-end applications. The technology is getting advanced and due to this, the demand for web developers is increasing. Many job seekers now have the opportunity to work as Full Stack developers. The above-mentioned steps will help them understand how to become full-stack developers and which tools and technology they can use to create their websites.

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