How to add title to seaborn boxplot

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Seems pretty Googleable but haven’t been able to find something online that works.

I’ve tried both sns.boxplot('Day', 'Count', data= gg).title('lalala') and sns.boxplot('Day', 'Count', data= gg).suptitle('lalala'). None worked. I think it might be because I’m also working with matplotlib.

Seaborn box plot returns a matplotlib axes instance. Unlike pyplot itself, which has a method plt.title(), the corresponding argument for an axes is ax.set_title(). Therefore you need to call

sns.boxplot('Day', 'Count', data= gg).set_title('lalala')

A complete example would be:

import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

tips = sns.load_dataset("tips")

Of course you could also use the returned axes instance to make it more readable:

ax = sns.boxplot('Day', 'Count', data= gg)

sns.boxplot() function returns Axes(matplotlib.axes.Axes) object. please refer the documentation
you can add title using ‘set’ method as below:

sns.boxplot('Day', 'Count', data=gg).set(title="lalala")

you can also add other parameters like xlabel, ylabel to the set method.

sns.boxplot('Day', 'Count', data=gg).set(title="lalala", xlabel="its x_label", ylabel="its y_label")

There are some other methods as mentioned in the matplotlib.axes.Axes documentaion to add tile, legend and labels.

Try adding this at the end of your code:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.title('add title here')

For a single boxplot:

import seaborn as sb

For more boxplot in the same plot:

import seaborn as sb


import seaborn as sb
myarray=[78.195229, 59.104538, 19.884109, 25.941648, 72.234825, 82.313911]

.set_title(”) can be used to add title to Seaborn Plot

import seaborn as sb

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