How to add chinese input system in ubuntu 20.04?

I’ve been using ubuntu operating system for a long time from ubuntu 14.04 to ubuntu 20.04. I recently had to reinstall the operating system from scratch because I had a problem and could not find the solution, at first everything was fine until when I got into the configuration of the keyboard input methods to add pinyin and Chinese to type in That language I realized that I do not get suggestions for words in Chinese as before. Do you know how to solve the problem? Although I have been using Ubuntu for some time, I do not consider myself an expert, so I would like you to explain it to me in a clear way to be able to solve it well without making any mistakes,thanks

Solution #1:

Step #1 install fcitx

IBus is a traditional steady input method of Linux.
Fcitx is a new engine has a suggestion that you mentioned.
Open Terminal and execute this command;

sudo apt install fcitx-mozc fcitx-googlepinyin --install-suggests

Step #2 Set fcitx and install full package of Chinese

Open the System Settings > Language Support

Install Chinese up to your favourite version Simplified/Traditional

language panel

Now, you should logout and login again, or reboot computer.

Step #3 Set configuration of Input Method

Open System Settings > Text Entry

Text settings

Click on the + at the left below and add Mozc in the list.
Click on the tool icon to set your favourite behaviour, if you want.

Text Entry

For example, Edit Trigger key to change between language.
Ctrl+Space is handy and default.
You can add or change the key bind doesn’t conflict globally in your system, suxch as Shift_L+Shift_R

Step Final Activate suggestion

Fcitx icon

You should see the new Orange Icon at the menu bar. If it doesn’t click writeable area and Ctrl+Space, it appears.
Select MozcTool > Confuifuration


The 4th tab is the suggestion setting.
I like something around 5 up to 8, default is probably 3. If it’s too less then you don’t see what you want at glance. If it’s too many and start disturbing your sight.

Bonus: This is what it looks like

Suggest window

Now you think, wrong this is Japanese!
It doesn’t matter Japanese or Taiwanese, all the same.
Because the engine is the same and I don’t have Chinese sets.
Don’t worry it works.

(Japanese) how to install Chinese IME
(Japanese) how to install Japanese IME
(English) Many ways of installing Taiwanese IME

Respondent: Sadaharu Wakisaka

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