How to access List elements

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I have a list

list = [['vegas','London'],['US','UK']]

How to access each element of this list?

I’d start by not calling it list, since that’s the name of the constructor for Python’s built in list type.

But once you’ve renamed it to cities or something, you’d do:

print(cities[0][0], cities[1][0])
print(cities[0][1], cities[1][1])

It’s simple

y = [['vegas','London'],['US','UK']]

for x in y:
    for a in x:

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try this

animals = ['bear' , 'python' , 'peacock', 'kangaroo' , 'whale' , 'platypus']

# print "The first (1st) animal is at 0 and is a bear." 

for i in range(len(animals)):
    print "The %d animal is at %d and is a %s" % (i+1 ,i, animals[i])

# "The animal at 0 is the 1st animal and is a bear."

for i in range(len(animals)):
    print "The animal at %d is the %d and is a %s " % (i, i+1, animals[i])

Tried list[:][0] to show all first member for each list inside list is not working. Result will be the same as list[0][:].

So i use list comprehension like this:

print([i[0] for i in list])

which return first element value for each list inside list.

PS: I use variable list as it is the name used in the question. I will not use this as a variable name since it is the basic function list() in Python.

Recursive solution to print all items in a list:

def printItems(l):
   for i in l:
      if isinstance(i,list):
         print i

l = [['vegas','London'],['US','UK']]

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