How can I check for a new line in string in Python 3.x?

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How to check for a new line in a string?

Does python3.x have anything similar to java’s regular operation where direct if (x=='*\n') would have worked?

If you just want to check if a newline (\n) is present, you can just use Python’s in operator to check if it’s in a string:

>>> "\n" in "hello\ngoodbye"

… or as part of an if statement:

if "\n" in foo:
    print "There's a newline in variable foo"

You don’t need to use regular expressions in this case.

Yes, like this:

if '\n' in mystring:

(Python does have regular expressions, but they’re overkill in this case.)


A manner of interpreting text streams in which all of the following are recognized as ending a line: the Unix end-of-line convention ‘\n’, the Windows convention ‘\r\n’, and the old Macintosh convention ‘\r’. See PEP 278 and PEP 3116, as well as str.splitlines() for an additional use.

I hate to be the one to split hairs over this (pun intended), but this suggests that a sufficient test would be:

if '\n' in mystring or '\r' in mystring:

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