Google never disappoints: “I’m feeling curious.”

I'm feeling curious.

I’m feeling curious- when it comes to innovation and creativity, Google always has something new to offer that will for sure help you get whatever you need. With their recent features that you will love no matter whatever situation you are in.

Usually, go show those results that are most relevant to the query a person searches for; however, things are changed in these scenarios because google will show results that you might not have even wondered about, but still, you will enjoy reading the results that it shows.

Whether you come home totally bone-weary from the office or from a day-long picnic and feeling bored, then the best thing you can do is to read something you might never have heard about. This is both fun and gaining interesting knowledge at the same time. You can also make your valuable time useless as you will increase your knowledge, refresh, and avoid boredom.

Among so many other tricks, “I am curious” is the one that is discussed more than others on the internet, and there are valid reasons because they get to know about exciting things that range from information regarding everything discovered so far from beneath the lower level of oceans to the whole earth, even the entire galaxy.

In the coming sections, we will discover more about this super fantastic trick, so keep reading till the end to make sure you don’t miss any enticing information because every word in this article is going to make you fall in love deeper with this unique feature.

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I’m feeling curious: background of the trick

With the introduction of numerous other tricks that people just simply loved, this one also made people curious. Once they search the “I’m feeling curious” query, google shows them results that automatically persuade them to search for more such information by pressing ask another question.

So without making you wait further, let’s dive deeper into this topic and explore more enticing things about this super cool google trick.

This trick came into play in 2015 in a different way, unlike the rest of the tricks introduced by google. The rest of the tricks were launched by Google without announcing them, but when they decided to launch “I’m feeling curious,” they officially announced it. This announcement shows how vital and most-wanted the features are; this is, which also differentiate it from the rest of the tricks for these search engine users.

As far as the future of this trick is concerned, there is no probability that google will remove it any sooner because it’s the most used trick that is fun and educational at the same time. Moreover, it’s a relatively new feature because it was only launched seven years earlier. So for these reasons, if you are worried about missing this unique trick, you can sigh with relief as there are no such chances at the moment.

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What makes it informative?

One primary reason why this trick has become a media sensation is that it is very informative, and there is no limit to how much information you can get with this trick, and you can even spend your whole day playing around it and extract as much information as you want. Apart from being informative, this trick is more fun than any other, and it can show you results related to “fun facts” that could range from anything to everything.

For instance, when you search “I’m feeling curious,” google will show you search results that most people want to know about but can’t get the answers such as “how many species are there in the ocean?” This question can also come to the mind of students who aim to study marine life, or are currently in the field of marine life.

You should understand what results from google will show when you use this trick; this is only one example out of so many that google shows. Other results could be related to the reproduction life cycle of crabs, the story behind the big bang, or anything else that is available on the internet, such as the speed of light.

Remember that different people spend different times on google using this super fantastic feature. Some people can spend hours whereas others might choose to close it after 5 minutes because they get bored again. But the more time you spend using this trick, the more information and knowledge you will get.

This trick is helpful for people of all age groups and backgrounds for various reasons. For example, school children can use this trick and gain knowledge that can help them in attempting exams. Similarly, professionals can use a trick to gain essential information that could be related to their field so that when they are asked in a job interview, they know the answers and secure a job in that organization. So the usefulness and benefits of this trick cannot be avoided.

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Way to other google tricks

Another reason this trick is so essential for google is that it persuades it to make announcements about it, unlike the rest of their features, is that it allows you to get access to other tricks and features. For example, google might show you results such as “another state local time” that could be opposite to your local time.

With these features, you can instantly get to know about the local times of any place you want, and you might wonder who needs to know another place’s time. If yes, remember that this feature is of dire importance for certain people because most communities are globally dispersed, and their loved ones might want to know what time is there so that they might know if it is the right time to call them or not.

Another importance of this feature could be for gamers. Because most games are played online in today’s time, and gamers have friends that reside outside their country where the time zones are different in such scenarios, they might first check if that’s the right time for their friend to come online and start playing with them. These are only two uses of the “local time” trick. Still, there are numerous other reasons too that help people know the time in different counties or states.

Now, these are only two out of hundreds of other tricks that google offers its users to take advantage of. So these are some of the nitty gritty behind the success of Google.

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Interesting facts about the trick

Since the beginning, when google launched “I’m feeling curious”, users would get random information, and they would press “ask another question”, and google would show them another result. The more exciting part was, and still is, that all the results shown by google were informative and interesting; moreover, google tried to show results that are new to you means that it would show you search results that you never knew about.

Even if you ask google the same question, it will show you results that will be new, and there is a higher probability that you might not have even heard about it, and that’s what makes google such a bright and outstanding search engine.

However, that didn’t stop Google from coming up with new tricks, and they kept introducing novel features that the users of this search engine also loved. Some of the most exciting tricks that Google has launched so far, other than I’m feeling curious, are mentioned below.

  • Fun facts
  • I’m feeling stellar
  • I’m feeling wonderful
  • I’m feeling puzzled
  • I’m feeling artistic
  • I’m feeling trendy
  • I’m feeling Doodley
  • I’m feeling generous
  • I’m feeling playful

Now you may have generated a sound idea based on your feeling, and that out till google will show you results according to that. He also means that if you are feeling cheerful, google won’t show you results that are related to artistic, puzzled, and playful feelings etc.; instead, the results shown as a result of “feeling cheerful” will only be related to your query hence irrelevant information won’t show up.

Similarly, if you search for I’m feeling trendy, google will show you results that would be related to recent trends that are currently trending. These results could be from any industry, as far as they are trendy, such as automobile, financial sector, fashion industry, plastic surgery, and politics.

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Interesting results of the trick

As mentioned in the previous section, google has so many tricks that you can use and get more enticing information related to your query, these results will most probably be novel for you, and you may not have encountered them before. Similarly, “I’m feeling curious” also presents you with the most exciting and novel information that you are simply going to love.

Some of the results I loved the most, as a result of searching for “I’m feeling curious”, are mentioned below.

· Various number of smells your nose can smell

When I used the trick, google showed me this result where someone on the internet wrote about it that has all the information related to this query. Moreover, this was something I never knew before, but thanks to google because those are now words from the past.

When it comes to this question, there are one trillion scents that a human nose can smell, and that’s the least number, meaning the actual number of scents a human nose can smell are higher than that. I won’t discuss this further because it will take us off the topic.

· Is a Cashew a nut or seed?

Another result shown by google that I liked and never knew before was whether Cashew is a nut or a seed. When I clicked on the link given by google, I came to know that these grow on Cashew Apple where there are seeds and inside the seeds are Cashew.

· Can a goalkeeper score a goal by throwing the ball?

This was another curiosity-related result shown by google that I like. I found this information interesting because I am a big fan of football; however, I didn’t know about this before; thanks to google once again for telling me this.

This query was not only helpful only for me but also for millions of football fans across the globe who might know about this previously. And the answer was a big YES.

Moreover, I learned that there are no rules that make this action void and refrain goalkeepers from scoring goals with their hands. Further, I learned that in the rule book, it is mentioned that once the goalkeeper plays the ball, irrespective of how he plays it, the game will begin.

Final words

Google has always come up with different ways of keeping users engaged. Sometimes they wish well-known celebrities their birthdays, while other times they wish people events that are related to their religion such as EID and Christmas. With these things, Google wants to tell people that the company is about them and to participate with them in their happiness. 

Similarly, they also share their condolences when something tragic happens, for instance, the death of a celebrity. However, Google does not stop there when it comes to keeping people in touch and engaged; instead, it comes with options or various tricks that allow users to enjoy and have fun without getting bored.

One such feature is I’m feeling curious. When you type in this query in the google search bar, it will show you exciting information related to curiosity. These results can be from any industry as long as they have the curiosity element in them.

Moreover, the results that you will get as a result of I’m feeling curious will be, most of the time, new to you, and you may not have heard about them before. That’s what adds more spice to the user experience and keeps them engaged for as long as possible.

Finally, when you get results with this trick, you can choose to get another such query by clicking on “ask another question,” and google will show you another query.

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