Get the name of a decorated function? [duplicate]

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here is my decorator:

def check_domain(func):

    def wrapper(domain_id, *args, **kwargs):
        domain = get_object_or_None(Domain, id=domain_id)
        if not domain:
            return None
        return func(domain_id, *args, **kwargs)

    return wrapper

Here is a wrapped up function:

def collect_data(domain_id, from_date, to_date):

If I do collect_data.__name__ I get wrapper instead of collect_data

Any ideas?

functools.wraps is not needed! Just use func.__name__

import time

def timeit(func):
    def timed(*args, **kwargs):
        ts = time.time()
        result = func(*args, **kwargs)
        te = time.time()
        print('Function', func.__name__, 'time:', round((te -ts)*1000,1), 'ms')
        return result
    return timed

def math_harder():
    [x**(x%17)^x%17 for x in range(1,5555)]

def sleeper_agent():


Function math_harder time: 8.4 ms
Function sleeper_agent time: 1003.7 ms

You may want to use wraps from functools. See the example

>>> from functools import wraps
>>> def my_decorator(f):
...     @wraps(f)
...     def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
...         print('Calling decorated function')
...         return f(*args, **kwargs)
...     return wrapper
>>> @my_decorator
... def example():
...     """Docstring"""
...     print('Called example function')
>>> example()
Calling decorated function
Called example function
>>> example.__name__
>>> example.__doc__

In addition to functools.wraps, you can check out the decorator module which was designed to help with this problem.

Check out functools.wraps. Requires python 2.5 or higher though, if that’s an issue.

For anyone who needs to access the decorated function name when there are multiple decorators, like this:

def decorated_func(stuff):
    return stuff

the functools.wraps mentioned above solves that.

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