The Psychological Aspects Of The Gacha Games

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Gambling can be addictive. Look at the success of all the casinos. Gacha games are a more convenient alternative. You’re likely to have played one or know someone who is currently. You’re not playing the gacha game while you read (although you could, as most gacha games can go on auto-battle), but you are playing it every single day. call girls in Delhi

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But, let’s get back to the point. Gacha gaming and gambling have very similar premises. They also act on the same psychological factors. Gacha gaming can be described as gambling. It is similar to loot boxes. First, let’s talk about history.

Origins of “Gacha”

You have probably seen the capsule vending machines. You simply need to insert a coin and twist the knob a few more times to get a capsule that contains a collectible doll. These capsules are called ‘gashapon’ by the Japanese, because of the sounds it makes. Gasha/gacha for the crank and pon when the capsule is placed in the tray. It was later shortened to “gacha”, which is also a reference to “gotcha” when you finally get the toy that you desire.

Gacha games work in the same way as vending machines. To get tries you need to spend in-game currency. You never know what you might get. They are both physical items, but one can be used to create virtual items or characters.

Psychological Aspects

This feature is loved by many because of how their brains work. When certain conditions are met, our reward system releases chemicals that make us feel good. This pleasure-inducing rush of hormones can be triggered by many things. You can trigger this feeling by exercising, watching sports, and winning competitions. This is also why drugs and alcohol are addictive.

What is the trigger for this rush in gambling?

It all has to do with the risk-reward model. Gambling is putting your money on the line in order to gain something more. Gambling is addictive because it allows you to beat the odds by taking risks. Tolerance is the problem. As it diminishes in return, taking small risks won’t give you the same rush. You will need to take on more risk in order to keep the same quality of reward. This is similar to building tolerance to drugs. Users will need to increase their dosages in order to experience the same intensity.

However, luck does eventually run out. Usually, this happens when gamblers lose all of their assets and money to chase the high. This is a recipe for disaster that will lead to the ultimate ruin of the person. To continue their search, they would be required to borrow money. Losing the loan would cause them to sink further into debt. Although the stakes are higher, the risk of loss is not eliminated. The house always wins in the end. It would be bad business practice for customers to win too often. Capitalist societies are driven by maximizing profits. This means that customers should be able to win a few times more than they lose.

Other factors can keep them playing. Partial reinforcement is when the behavior isn’t rewarded or punished 100%. The player can still play because there is always a chance to be rewarded. Others like the illusion that they can control things, which is evident more in betting or dice games. Superstitions, such as: Kissing the dice before rolling, and betting against the underdog. Although the chance is still the main force that determines their win or loss, giving them the option gives them an illusion of control.

You can also use the availability heuristic to see if other players have won streaks. You may have had a similar experience in the past. Gachas are similar games that involve luck and chance. To try and make the wheel land on what you want, you basically spin a wheel. Some games allow you to use a “pity system” to help you feel better. After a certain amount of losses (not getting that 5- or 6-star weapon or character), the game will take ‘pity on’ the player and give a guarantee.

Many gacha games like gacha neon use similar pity systems. Each time you pull on a gacha banner, you might get a currency. You can buy the item or character you want by gathering enough currency. Others use a counter system. If you fail to get the featured character/item after (insert number there) pulls, it will be your next attempt.

The game, which is similar to Fate Grand Order, keeps players interested in the chance of getting these characters without feeling sorry for themselves. Good luck if you are lucky enough to get the character. If you are not lucky, it’s best to be open-minded and willing to spend your money or give up trying. These factors are also applicable to gacha gaming. You get partial reinforcement, although the banner is the largest reward. You have a chance to win the jackpot with every pull, so keep pulling. The social aspect then takes care of the availability. You will be motivated to pull when you see others succeed in pulling. The illusion of control can also be seen in the summoning rituals people perform before pulling. This can include making summoning circles or having others pull for them.

How Whale/Whaling was Termized?

Many times, gamblers used terms that were related to the sea for their players. The term’shark’ was used for professionals, while ‘fish’ was used for weaker players (aka sharks’ prey). This was also true for gacha and social gaming. However, it didn’t have the competitive spirit of sharks against fish. What actually happened was that, without the competitive element, there was only one point of comparison: how much each player spends on microtransactions. Whales were the biggest spenders. These are the people who spend big to ensure they get the gacha they desire. It’s sometimes a generic term that covers all spenders, but there are actual ranks within them.

Whales aren’t the largest fish in the ocean, even though it’s a joke. There are also ‘leviathans’ that spend more than whales and ‘Cthulhu,’ who fund the game almost entirely. Next, we can see dolphins, swordfish, and goldfish as well as minnows and ‘F2Playnkton. It is easy to spot whales. They have the most complete character collections and any upgrades are made from duplicates. They have characters with almost perfect stats and all the items they need, while those who spend less can only live with what they have.

Spenders spend more than they can get at the gacha mechanic. They can also receive refills for AP and energy or other similar systems as the game allows. They have more chances to obtain the best equipment for their characters by earning more points. Depending on the game and its system, spending can also provide other benefits like upgrading or purchasing other materials. Gacha games such as gacha life, arknights, etc. are money diggers.

These games push the gambling analogy closer as gambling typically involves money. However, it is possible to play these free-to-play games as often as you like. You’re playing in hard mode, but with fewer resources and more effort, you have to choose whom to pull for. Because you know that you won’t get them all (yet). They will eventually get them with reruns and all. But that is not soon.

Why do Whales Exist?

They don’t leave anything to chance. It’s worth the risk to get whatever and whoever they want. Developers want people to spend their money on their games, so this is a win-win situation. These extra benefits are a great incentive for players to spend money on their games.

This can also be an issue of superiority since whaler characters perform better than F2P characters. This is due to the fact that the character has better equipment and can upgrade it with all the necessary materials. This is a great thing for gacha games that have a competitive aspect (PvP), as it makes it more difficult for those who spend less money to climb the ranks.

They also exist to help the game. Gacha games are generally free to play (and some are pay-to-win), so developers need to make some revenue. This usually happens in the form of skins and other benefits that can be purchased with premium currency. These currencies can usually only be purchased by paying, but some games allow players the ability to farm them. Although this would yield less currency than buying them outright, it is still an option for some players.

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