How To Choose Music Box as Gift?

custom music box

Many of us had a music box. This is a small storehouse of things dear to the heart, which plays a gentle melody when it is opened.

Principle of operation

The mechanism by which the melody arises is simple. A cylinder with small rivets rotates at a constant speed. Almost touching it, a comb with metal tongues is in a fixed position. When the cylindrical rivet reaches the comb, it raises the cane, making a sound.

With each complete revolution of the cylinder, the motif is repeated. Often the cylinder is sharpened to a standard melody. In Russia, the melody “Moonlight Sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven is widespread. There are boxes for which you can order an individual melody printed on a special tape.

Manufacturers have tried to give their creations an unusual shape or useful functionality. All this is necessary for the treasury to please the eye and complement the interior of the house. A simple word of advice would be to get a custom music box as it would fulfill your requirement. This article presents a selection of various popular music boxes made with a classic movement.

For Kids

A fabulous treasure chest for little girls decorated with unicorns. A jewelry box is suitable for a child who loves good classical music and orders things that are dear to him. When you open the lid under the classic “Swan Lake”, a heart with the image of a unicorn rotates.

Now you don’t have to worry that your favorite ring will be lost, and someone will reveal a little children’s secret. Jewelry can be neatly folded into special recesses under the lid, and notes and photos can be hidden in a drawer. The body is made of wood with several compartments of different sizes and a special place for rings to keep everything in its place. The mirror under the lid allows you to see all the details of the spinning unicorn.

This cute jewelry box creates a sense of mystery and fairy tale for a child. Finally, there is a secret place where you can store your jewelry.

As a Gift

This is a bright musical jewelry box for a young dancer. The most famous music boxes are those with dancers, in which a figure rotates inside while the melody is playing. The doll turns smoothly while the music plays.

Hidden inside a plastic box is a cute little ballerina in a pink dress and a golden crown, who is spinning around to dance to Moonlight Sonata. To see her, you just need to open the lid and invite the dancer to the stage. This box is great for tiny treasures. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and sachets will be safe inside and easy to find when needed.

As Typewriter

Relive the past with this classic typewriter. This mini box is great for storing small items like jewelry. A spacious storage compartment is located at the bottom of a drawer.

Great classical music helps to relax and tune in to a creative way. The case is made of plastic, but it creates the illusion of a car made of expensive mahogany. This makes the souvenir an ideal decoration for both home and photography.

The music box is made in a retro style with a unique design. It takes the owner to the distant past when the roar of typewriter keys and the ringing from the transition to the next paragraph sounded in the offices.

When the tune “Moonlight Sonata” is played, the top of the typewriter slowly moves to the left, creating the illusion of a typing process. The battery is not needed, as the mechanism is completely mechanical. To start the melody, you need to start the spring manually.

The box is suitable as a gift for creative people, as well as for thematic decoration of the interior of an office or library.

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