Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry: what caused the murder?

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were two teenagers who used to be good friends, but the more exciting thing is that both had the same interests, i.e., playing the same video game, Tibia. Patry was good at the game and would earn lots of digital coins; moreover, he had other friends who also used to play the same game.

Since he had earned lots of coins, he would lend them to his friends, and they would later return those coins to Patry. So one day, Kuhn asked him for some digital coins, and Party agreed to share 20,000 digital coins with him. So far, things were going fluently, but the situation worsened when Patry asked him to return his coins, and Kuhn refused to do so. This made Pastry furious, and he decided to kill him.

Patry stabbed Kuhn until he died, and those 20,000 digital coins were never repaid to him. The most exciting fact is that the actual worth of those coins in today’s time is $1.75, which cost Kuhn his whole life to repay.

Why is the case discussed 15 years later?

The brutal murder case of Kuhn has once again become popular among people, and they want to know what happened back then after when the matter was once again brought to the internet. This article wholly revolves around the murder case of Kuhn- a teen gamer who was only 12 years old.

Patry was a short-tempered kid who was mentally unstable and got furious when his friend Kuhn refused to return his 20,000 coins; as a result, Party decided to kill him without thinking about the consequences. 

Until today the authorities have refused to share more details about the case, especially Daniel Patry. He is still alive and is supposed to live generally because he was ordered to stay in jail for three years. Numerous internet users are still curious and want to find more details about the case, what forced Patry to assassinate his friend, who was 4 years younger than the murderer, and the background and family of both kids, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry.

Autopsy report: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry murder case

Although the murderer was not in his senses because the medical reports showed that he had a mental illness, that means he was not a normal kid at the time of the murder. Due to his mental illness, he would get angry quickly at small talks, and the same thing happened when Kuhn refused to return his coins.

The authorities have shared the autopsy report of the teen gamer murder case that involved Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry, yet they refrained from sharing his autopsy report. Furthermore, Gabriel had taken some of his photos at the crime scene that are highly viral on the internet.

The Patry murdered Kuhn was terrible; his parents could not afford to see their kid dead so brutally. He was stabbed again and again with a sharp tool until his loud cries stopped, and he died. It’s a horrible story that makes most people shiver to think, how come a teenager kills someone that too so brutally. 

The autopsy report of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry has revealed some heart wrecking facts. According to the report, Patry brutally stabbed Kuhn until he realized he was dead. Next, he decided to hide his body in the lobby but couldn’t do that due to his weight. He had even removed one of his legs to reduce his body weight, which also worked. Finally, he left the body on the ground and left that place to hide. What is more heartbreaking is that Kuhn was still alive when Patry was cutting his leg, according to the autopsy report

The lifestyle of Daniel Patry: The murderer

This section is aimed to discuss the lifestyle of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. At the time of committing the murder, Daniel Patry was declared a minor and was only 16 years old. Although authorities refused to share his birthplace and birthdate, various sources came to know that Daniel Patry was born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Since childhood, Patry was a disobedient kid who always refused to follow what his parents would tell him to do; he would most of the time act violently at home and in his neighborhood as well. Once his parents found that his behavior had significantly changed, he had become more aggressive, violent, and short-tempered. As a result, they decided to show him to a psychiatrist, which they did, but Patry refused to complete his sessions with the doctor and left his treatment before completing it.

Conferring to what his parents said, his academic performance was highly affected due to his unpleasant behaviour and would avoid socializing with people around him except some of his friends that also including Gabriel Kuhn; however, his behaviour with his friends was also aggressive and violent as is evident from the murder case of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. Furthermore, his parents mentioned in a statement that his source of entertainment was initially television which later changed, and he started playing a video game.

The lifestyle of Gabriel Kuhn: The victim

Gabriel Kuhn was also a teenager when this tragic murderer, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry, happened, and he lost his life. The details so far shared by the authorities are confined to only sharing the name and ages of both kids, and according to them, Kuhn was only 12 years old when his friend Patry brutally murdered him for refusing to return the digital coins that he had taken from him in an online game called Tibia.

Kuhn belonged to a middle-class family and was good at his academic activities, unlike his friend Patry; moreover, he was a respectful and obedient kid who always listened to his parents and teachers, which means he was opposite to Patry. So the only thing that connected them was the game, though they were also neighbors.

He would most often chat with his friend Patry; when his parents realized his mental condition, they restricted his communication with him because they could see the consequences of getting along with a mentally unstable kid.

More about Kuhn and Patry: was Patry gay?

When the authorities found Kuhn dead, they started an investigation and found that Party was killed brutally, but they didn’t know who did this and why. So they began investigating Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s cases to find the answer to those questions and later found the killer, who was no one else but his friend Patry.

Patry accepted the allegations and shared all the information with authorities but refused to agree on one thing (it will be shared later in this article). Since the authorities refrained from sharing more details about the murder case, they only showed the ages and names of both gamers. But from different sources, we learned that both were neighbors, friends, and underage.

Police didn’t share that information, but from various authentic sources, we found that Daniel Patry was a Brazilian native who was born in Blumenau in Brazil.

The reports of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s murder case revealed that before attempting the murder, Patry harassed and tortured him for a month because he wanted to force him and get his coins back, which he had lent to Kuhn. But his tactics were not working, and Kuhn refused to return those 20,000 digital coins. That’s how he got furious and decided to kill him.

The spot of the incident was the same where Patry was born, i.e., Blumenau, Brazil. By now, you might have known that the fundamental reason behind this brutal murder case was a video game called Tibia. During the investigation, authorities also found that Party was a little monster, aggressive and violent, and he also needed mental treatment, which his parents had also tried. Still, Patry refused to complete all the sessions with a psychiatrist.

The reason behind the quarrel: Tibia

Tibia was a game that connected both, and they became good friends even though mentally Kuhn was different from Patry. He was good in academics and was also an obedient kid who always listened to his parents and teachers, unlike his friend.

Patry was disobedient and had poor academic performance, and he continually disobeyed his parents and teacher. The more negative habit in Patry was that he would get furious at nothing and become violent. These habits forced him to murder his friend, who was 4 years younger than him.

While playing the game, Kuhn asked for digital coins from Patry so that he could spend them for clearing a stage, and Party agreed to lend coins to him. At the same time, he set a condition saying that he would return those coins as early as possible. After the agreement, Kuhn received 20,000 coins whose worth in today’s time is $1.75- which was never returned, and Kuhn lost his life for that.

Patry insisted on getting his coins back

While further investigating Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s case, authorities found that a few days passed when Patry lent money to Kuhn and one day, he asked him to return his coins, but Kuhn refused to do. In the first place, he wondered if it was fine if he would return them. So he again asked Kuhn to return the coins, and he refused to pay back this time. Party decided to tell Kuhn’s mother, so he called her but found out that she was out of town and would return in a few days.

Daniel kept on contacting him and his mother and was not getting any positive response. One day he was enraged and went to Kuhn’s home, but he was not opening the door, which made Patry more furious. He again called Kuhn’s mother to find out when she would return so that she could pay him on behalf of her son. Kuhn’s mother returned home and was in the town on the night of her son’s brutal murder.

Though Kuhn knew that his friend was enraged for what he did, and that’s why he never allowed Patry to enter his home, one day, he managed to enter his home, but his room door was locked. Then Patry convinced him to open the door, and he would forgive him if he asked for forgiveness. Kuhn believed in what Party said and opened the door. Patry suddenly attacked him and did not give him a chance to defend himself, then Patry beat him so brutally that he was fully covered in his blood on the floor.

Despite screaming, Patry further beat him and laughed while looking at his face. Seeing him in pain and crying didn’t stop him from torturing him; instead, he got more furious and went to get a string so that he could squeeze Kuhn’s neck with them, and Patry did the same until he lost consciousness.

Things went more brutal when Patry decided to torture him further with a hacksaw. It was reported that one of his legs was cut when Kuhn was still alive.

What happened after Kuhn’s death?

When intensive torture, pain, and brutality, Kuhn lost his life, and now Patry was worried about hiding his body. He tried to keep his body in the lobby room, but since Kuhn’s body was heavy, Patry failed to do so. Finally, he decided to leave his body at the door.

Shortly Kuhn’s mother came home and found her kid in a condition she could never imagine. Upon seeing the situation, she immediately ran into the street, and her neighbor found her running and her kid brutally killed, so he called the police to take care of the situation,

Was Patry gay?

This is the most important thing that I hinted at earlier. So the authorities suspected that Patry had raped Kuhn before killing him and that Patry was gay but refused to agree that he was gay and kept insisting that he didn’t rape him. However, he had accepted the responsibility for Kuhn’s murder case.


Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were famous murder cases in 2007. The reason behind this brutal murder was a game called Tibia. First, Patry lent 20,000 coins to Kuhn, and when the time came to return the coins, Kuhn refused to do so. This is what enraged Patry, and he decided to kill him brutally.

This was all about the famous murder cases of two teen gamers; if you want to add something, kindly share your thoughts and opinion on this case with us.

Thank you for reading!

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