Five Zoom Features to Explore Right Away

Five Zoom Features to Explore Right Away

Zoom is one of the most powerful communications platforms that allow users to connect via chat, phone, audio, and video. Using Zoom requires having a compatible device and a stable Internet connection. If you are a new user, you will create an account on the Zoom platform to use it for your video conferencing needs.

The application was brought to focus during the global pandemic when businesses started shifting to a remote working or hybrid working model. Here are all the different features you must explore right off the bat.

Record the Zoom Meetings

Only the host can record Zoom meetings or permit the participants to record the meeting.

You can start recording the meeting by clicking the Record option > going to the Menu bar > joining Record on this Computer. Then, as the host, you can review several options like Recording Indicator. First, your recording status must be active. Then, you must click on Participants to record the meetings without interruptions.

As you record the meeting, the dial-in participants will hear a message telling them the session is being recorded. After the call, the platform will convert the recording files so you can download them and share them with others. The default formats are M4A and MP4.

If you wonder how to record Zoom on Mac, you must launch the app > start a new meeting or join an arranged meeting before > click the Record icon > stop or pause the recording whenever you want.

Windows users can also follow the same steps to record Zoom meetings on their computers.

A Quick Touch Up to Look Your Best

When you have to appear for a corporate meeting with your colleagues or clients, you would want to put your best foot forward. If you think you look different over online video meetings, Zoom can help. The creators of this video conferencing platform understand how important it is for you to look your best during online work meetings, and that’s why they offer a feature called touch up. This feature will quickly give you a touch-up to your look to enhance your appearance during virtual meetings.

Launch the Zoom app > go to the Settings tab > click the Video tab > click the checkbox next to the Touch up my Appearance feature. This will smoothen and improve your appearance so you look fresh and ready for the meeting.

Add up to 100 or More Participants to a Zoom Call

Zoom allows users to add up to 100 participants over a single call on Zoom. In addition, it is the only audio and video calling application with impressive group chat features. This is why most schools, MNCs, and colleges use this platform for group conversations or for conducting online classes.

However, there’s a slight limitation that users must abide by. This chat feature can only continue for forty minutes. However, after forty minutes, you can reconnect the call with all the participants.

However, if you have paid for a large meeting license, you can add up to 500 or 1000 participants over one Zoom call.

So do not forget to check out the different account types and their participant limits before paying for the subscription.

Screen Sharing Option

Those days are gone when you have to spend hours explaining a project or product to your colleague or team member over video or audio calls. There’s no need to just rely on words when you can show your team members and help them understand better.

The platform’s advanced features allow you to share your live screen with the other participants of the meeting. Also, you can share view access to the whole window.

The screen sharing feature has helped several professionals augment their virtual or remote working environment and made it much more accessible and easier to coordinate with the team members.

You can activate this by going to the Toolbar and clicking the Share Screen option. Then, choose the Meeting Screen option. After that, the screen sharing can be resumed, stopped, or paused whenever you want.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating the Zoom platform will become much easier when you memorize some of the keyboard shortcuts. This will help save you time and effort. There are handy shortcuts for starting and stopping call recording, muting conversations, stopping the camera, etc.

Press Alt + V to start or stop a video call. You can start and stop screen sharing by pressing Alt + S. If you wish to mute or unmute a video call, press Alt + A. Press Alt + T to resume or pause screen sharing.

These are some Zoom keyboard shortcuts that can make your life easier, and there are others you need to explore.


These Zoom features will be helpful if you have recently signed up on the platform. These will help you get started.

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