Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK [God Mode]

In addition to the popular characters from the manga, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage) from Bandai includes many of the plots and characters from this critically acclaimed game. I’d like for us to take a trip back to our childhood with Songoku and his friends!

A well-known publisher in Japan, Bandai Namco produces games that are adapted from manga titles such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto,… and their games have been very successful when they reach wide audiences worldwide. A fighting video game called Dragon Ball Legends was recently released – the best of the bunch. The next episode is Dragon  Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

It is based on the story of Songoku’s quest for the dragon ball from his childhood. He meets new friends with every journey. He is loved by all and teaches many different martial arts. Then, Songoku discovered who he really was. His friends and he have taken up the battle to protect the Earth from the most ruthless villains in the universe. (If Songoku joins the Avenger, they may have stopped Thanos).

This manga’s characters have become legendary in every reader’s heart over the years. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle will pit you against warriors engaged in a fight against evil intent. Two storytellers, Truks and King Kai, guide you through all missions and take you through all operations.

This is only the second Dragon Ball theme game to include Match-3 puzzles, compared with Dragon Ball Legends. In spite of the main content of the game being the battles between the protagonists and the villains, the game does not focus too much on action or RPG elements, rather you solve puzzles to assault your enemies. As a result, the game is a form of light entertainment while maintaining the manga’s content and characters.

You are presented with a screen full of spherical Ki Spheres of different colors. Your goal is to arrange three Ki Spheres of the same color to attack, defend, or increase power. You use your finger to swipe the screen to connect the same colored balls in this Linker game, which is similar to Diamond Diaries Saga. There is a particular strength and ability of each character, corresponding to a particular Ki.

Vegeta, for example, deals more damage using the yellow Ki, and the character will finally perform a special attack. Would you rather transform into a Super Saiyan or use the Kame Kame Ha method? If you match your character with the right kind of Ki, then anything is possible.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle allows you to unlock characters by unlocking cards and rally  them into a team of warriors. We will be introducing you to characters like Songoku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Android, … all the way to the villains at the beginning of the story like Tao Pai Pai and Master Shen.

Although Saiyan characters have different skills and strengths, it seems that publishers always favor the Saiyan characters in Dragon Ball games. Since the Saiyans are considered one of the most powerful nations in the galaxy, this makes sense.

Rare cards are sort by systems, with SSRs being the rarest and Normal cards the most popular. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has a mechanism that allows you to customize a character by crafting another one of his cards, for example, Piccolo’s Agility card becomes his Strength card. Don’t forget to upgrade the rarity and stats of your cards if you want to increase their rarity.

Download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK for Android

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle can be considered a fun and easy-to-play game for players looking for lighter entertainment. Let’s stand up and fight for Earth’s peace!


Bright and colorful graphics make Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle a very pleasing experience. It’s like watching a Dragon Ball animation while playing the game. We adhere to the cartoon’s original version in terms of character design and voice acting. You will see a fighting movie-like screen after completing the puzzle. When the loser character falls down, you will see broken screen effects.

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