These Are the Differences Between Android Tv and Google Tv for The Latest Generation Tvs

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Find out what are the 8 main differences between Android TV and Google TV for the latest generation TVs in 2023.

The way in which people watch television has changed a lot over time, the current experience in front of the TV is nothing compared to what it was a few years ago. For this reason, today we will mention the differences between Android TV and Google TV check in Dutch verschil google tv en android tv for the latest generation TVs. Discover the best and worst of each interface!

Since Smart TVs were born and television can connect to the internet natively, it could be said that the market has changed completely. Why? Because now there are many options and sometimes it is difficult to decide which is the best option. However, all this information will help you clarify the picture.

The 8 Main Differences Between Android Tv and Google Tv

Both Android TV and Google TV take your TV viewing experience to another level. We are talking about innovative platforms that give you options never imagined on a conventional TV. After you see the differences between Android TV and Google TV, you will know exactly how this clear evolution has been:

Together But Not Mixed

In September 2020, Google introduced Google TV as the next generation interface for Android TV. It made it debut on one of their Chromecasts and is available as an Android app. Chromecast with Google TV was well received and helped the Google TV platform compete head-to-head with Apple TV and Roku.

The big G company aims to replace Android TV with Google TV on thousands of streaming devices and set-top boxes like the Nvidia Shield on smart TVs from the likes of TCL, Sony and more. However, this does not mean that Android TV will cease to exist or anything like that.

User Interface

Google TV is arguably a software layer based on Android TV with better brass work and paint. Both interfaces allow you to download, purchase, and stream content from platforms like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. However, Google TV takes advantage of the Google Assistant and the Knowledge Graph to learn about your habits and preferences in order to put all the content you know and love close to you.

At first glance, the biggest difference you’ll notice is that Google TV has a home screen that Android TV doesn’t have. Also, that the graphical interface looks more elegant and the results of your services are easier to find.

Easier Assistant with Google Tv

There’s no denying that Android TV offers easy access to the Google Assistant, all through a button on the interface and on the remote. However, this does not make it much easier for you to use it because when you press the button the Assistant only waits for commands, without further ado.

Instead, with Google TV, the Assistant becomes a screen of suggestions about what you can ask of it. This will allow you to choose any of the options to launch a petition without having to say a word. Almost like reading your mind!

A Special Profile for The Little Ones in The House

One of the most special differences between the two interfaces is that Google TV gives you the ability to set up a child account. This links to Google’s Family Link parental control app so you can allow or block certain apps.

In this way, you can use the Family Link application on your mobile to monitor how long the children have been watching TV and set a limit when you consider it necessary. When it’s time to sleep, the TV shows a notice to the little ones in the house so that they go to rest.

Different Menus

In addition to the notable change in the home screen on Google TV, this interface has been completely renewed in each menu, including TV settings. Although this is not a radical change, we are talking about a more updated design, with a full-size screen and two columns, instead of an overlapping view and one column of Android TV.

As with Android layers, on Google TV some menus change places in settings. But the most interesting thing about this Google TV feature is that many options include additional explanations that explain what they are for.

Greater Dependence on Google on Google Tv

The name makes it clear; Google TV is an interface that relies heavily on integration with your Google account. Why? Because many of the personalized recommendations are based on your profile. It is true that Android TV also requires a Google account to take full advantage of it, but it is not as obvious as it is on Google TV. The interesting thing is that you can add multiple accounts, making each person receive their own recommendations.

Google Tv Has Its Own Application

Google TV has an official app for your mobile that serves as a sort of companion app. This will help you find things to watch on TV that are different on the streaming services you subscribe to. If you combine that with the possibility of adding movies or series to “Watch later” from the Google search engine, you will be able to discover all kinds of interesting content for you, from your mobile and at any time, without being in front of the TV.

Available Devices

Currently there are not many devices with Google TV. For now, the platform is available on Chromecast, the Google TV app for Android that we discussed, and some Sony televisions.

Android TV is still more active than ever in the market and has a long list of partners like Nvidia, Hisense, Sony Sharp, TCL and many more. Thanks to this, everything indicates that it will be a long time before Google TV surpasses Android TV, at least in number of compatible devices.

You have realized? Android TV and Google TV are very similar, but Google TV has a more modern look and puts content ahead of apps. And if you don’t have an Android TV, take a look at this incredible Grundig GFU8960B 4K with a good price and thousands of apps.

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