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Create a Cyber-Security Friendly Office with These Tips

Create a Cyber-Security Friendly Office with These Tips

Cyber-security is obviously a critical aspect of the World Wide Web, and it is every business owner’s nightmare to have all their business data stolen by hackers. Research tells us that one of the most effective ways a hacker gains access is unwitting action form users; an office employee might receive an email from the bank with a link to follow, where they are asked to provide specific information, due to a downed server; ‘seems innocent enough’ might be the worker’s thought, so they key in the data and move on with their day, unaware that they have just let a hacker have what he needs to steal valuable data.

This is one of many techniques that hackers use and with that in mind, here are some tips to help generate a strong understanding of cyber-security among your office staff.

  • Restrict the use of personal devices – An employee’s smartphone might be infected with malicious code and when is connects with your secure network, this might set a chain of events happening that ends with stolen or locked data. There is device scanning software that you can install on your cloud or LAN network that detects viruses from external devices; another thing to do is inform your staff on ways to protect their personal devices, especially USB sticks.
  • Arrange an on-site cyber-security training session – An IT expert will walk all your office staff through various techniques that hackers use; phishing, phoney ID and many others. There are local companies that provide such training, which proves to be invaluable and is money well spent. Your employees will be aware of the many ways hackers use to gain access and that closes a big door. It might surprise you to learn that Thailand’s leading SEO agencyalso manages cyber-security for their clients, so that is another option.
  • Talk about cyber-security – Google ‘small businesses, data theft’ and send your employees a list of links where they can read about actual cyber-crimes and how they occurred. Of course, you have a staff meeting every month, which is a great time to touch on the topic of web security; ask if anyone has ever had their FB account hacked and this should lead to an open discussion. If people have cyber-security in the forefront of their mind, they are much less likely to become a victim of cyber-crime. Click here for information about phishing.
  • Add cyber-security to your monthly digital newsletter – Most small businesses send their workforce a digital newsletter and you can add a few cyber-security tips for both business and personal use, with links to trusted sites. It is important to keep cyber-security relevant and this is an effective way of doing just that.

Governments around the world are dedicated to preventing cyber-crime and as digital tech evolves, so do the hacking methods that cyber-criminals use to steal data.

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