Here’s How Facebook and Instagram Users Can Hide the Likes Count

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There is now a setting that allows Instagram and Facebook users to make their post’s likes and comments private.

With today’s update, users can now choose to conceal the number of Instagram Likes on both their own and other users’ feed posts.

According to Facebook, suppressing like counts allows users to focus on reading and sharing content without being distracted by the number of likes they have received.

Learn how to conceal your own and other users’ like counts in this article.

Hiding in Instagram and Facebook Like Counts

How to Hide Your Personal Like Counts

There are two ways for users to conceal their numbers. They can choose to not display likes for any of their published content, or just for the item they’re currently working on.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Hide Likes and Views. This will hide the number of likes and views on all posts.
  • Users can hide specific content like counts from the post composer screen. Touching the like count after publication and selecting “Hide Like Count” will also hide the tally.

The decision to conceal like counts from certain or all posts is reversible. Reactivating likes is an option for users.

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Users will always have access to their likes and view numbers, even if they are concealed from others.

These options are already available on Instagram, and Facebook will add them in the next few weeks.

How to Hide Other Users’ Like Counts

  • Users can now choose to keep their likes on posts they view hidden from other users via the settings panel.
  • Go to Settings > Posts > Hide Like and View Counts to enable this option.

This option can be toggled on and off at any moment, but there appears to be no way to display per-post counts.

Didn’t Facebook and Instagram Already Do This?

In recent years, Facebook and Instagram have conducted multiple experiments in which the public like count was concealed.

Users have no influence over whether their likes are displayed or hidden, which frustrates those who appreciate this information.

It appears that the corporation has discovered a balance that empowers individuals to determine what works best for them. For instance, if yours is a mortgage business, do it through a mortgage staffing agency.

Facebook’s efforts to provide a personalised experience for each user continue with this release.

One recent change in this direction was introduced in March, allowing users to choose who can leave comments on their posts.

With this modification came additional possibilities for customizing news feed preferences. Facebook anticipates more similar changes in the future as it develops new ways to provide users with options.

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