How to View & Measure Your Tweet Activity?

How properly are your Tweets performing? Unfortunately, a whole lot of businesses don’t know the solution to this question because they aren’t measuring their Real Twitter Views activity.

Getting to realize the information behind your Tweets is vital because it indicates to you what’s operating, and extra importantly, what’s not.

If Twitter is a massive part of your social media advertising and marketing method, you need to get acquainted with the analytics dashboard. The Tweet activity phase is where you’re going to spend a maximum of a while.

In this post, we’ll destroy down the way to view your Tweet hobby and how to use the facts to enhance your Twitter advertising method.

How to See Your Tweet Activity

  • Tweet pastime lives inside the Twitter Analytics dashboard.
  • From the primary dashboard, click on Tweets inside the top menu to go to the Tweet activity dashboard.
  • The Tweet hobby dashboard offers you an aerial view of your Tweet performance. You can slender down the information to see:
  • All Tweets
  • Top Tweets
  • Tweets and replies
  • Promoted Tweets

While this dashboard gives you a normal study of your performance, you can additionally get entry to Tweet hobby for man or woman Tweets as well thru the computer or cellular app.

For the computer, just click the three-bar icon under your Tweets.

This will display you the interest in a single Tweet, inclusive of:

  • Impressions
  • Total engagements
  • Profile clicks

To see your Tweet activity from a cell device, the technique is identical. Tap on any Tweet and click on the three-bar icon beneath it.

You’ll see the identical facts as you do on your laptop.

As you can see, you furthermore may have the opportunity to set up a promoted Tweet from this display. Learn greater about promoted Tweets in our Twitter views Advertising guide.

Now that you recognise wherein to locate your Tweet interest, the subsequent step is identifying how to use the information.

How to Use Tweet Activity

The predominant use of the Tweet interest dashboard is to find out how many people are seeing your Tweets and what numbers are enticing. The particular metrics Twitter views offer you’re:

  • Link clicks
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Engagement charge
  • Here’s what you can learn from each facts point.
  • Link Clicks
  • Link clicks are the best stage of engagement. When a person clicks your hyperlink, it way the Tweet’s replica and photograph had been so compelling they desired to study more.

If you’re getting a number of impressions but aren’t seeing as many hyperlink clicks as you’d like, it’s a sign that either the content you’re sharing isn’t connecting together with your audience or your headlines/images aren’t alluring enough. In that case, you may start to check exclusive headlines and images.

An exact tactic is to use Sprout Social to timetable a couple of Tweets for the same submission and change out the text a chunk.

Then take a look at your Tweet hobby or Sprout’s Sent Message report to look at which models were given the most engagement.

Look for similarities to your maximum clicked Tweets which include a sure call to motion terms or hashtags. If you find patterns, use that records whilst crafting future Tweets and song your outcomes.


Likes are lower on the engagement totem poll because the movement calls for the least quantity of effort. However, it’s still very useful to help you determine what content is having an impact on your fans.

If you Tweet plenty of links, there has to be extremely of a correlation between your range of likes and link clicks. If you observe your Tweets are receiving a lot of extra likes than hyperlink clicks, it is able to signal that people aren’t clicking thru and are just randomly liking your Tweets.


Retweets are a level above likes. Retweeting doesn’t require too much effort past hitting a button, however it gets your content material in front of greater people. This could make it extra precious than alike.

One of the downsides to this metric is it is able to be inflated. An observation from the French National Institute discovered that nearly 60% of people percentage content on social media without clearly reading it.

So there’s an opportunity that humans aren’t necessarily Retweeting you because they found your Tweet precious. They may want to simply be doing it to interact with you or replenish their personal Twitter feed.

That doesn’t suggest you must ignore your Retweets. The truth of the problem is although the sharer doesn’t study your content, they’re still distributing it for you.

When you’re searching at Retweets on the Tweet hobby dashboard, take note of the dates they arise on. If you notice massive spikes on a particular day, you could go again and study in which they originated. Maybe one in all your Tweets become Retweeted via an influencer, which sparked even greater engagement.

Looking at stats is useful, however, you need to take the subsequent step and act on it. If an influencer helped you get a boost in Retweets, try and connect with them for a partnership or co-marketing opportunity. At the very least, thank them for providing you with extra exposure.


Replies are proper up there with link clicks because of the maximum precious sorts of engagement. When a person replies to your Tweet, they took the time to virtually prevent their feed and examine it rather than simply scroll past.

Even if the reply is a criticism (no longer trolling) it manner that your content caused a few stages of emotion from them. As a social media marketer, any time you can get your followers to interact in conversations around the content you shared, something worked. Your activity is to figure out why it is laboured and do extra of it.

Also, look for patterns in your replies. Do you generally tend to get more replies on positive days? Those could be the days your fans are the most lively. Start to schedule greater Twitter views around that point of the week to enhance your engagement.

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