How to Get Plays on Soundcloud 2022?


If you possess the ability to create music, you’re the gem on SoundCloud. SoundCloud being is one of the leading musical platforms, where those who have the ability to join notes into great music are warmly welcomed. Along these lines, click to redeem many creators join SoundCloud yearning to see their music flourishing.

But sometimes, they remain unable to attract plays, no matter how much they try. The reason for that is relatively straightforward. The lag on some of the essential points which do not allow them to grow their realm of influence.

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Assuming you are battling with the same thing, no problem. You just have to get a tight grip on the below-mentioned trick, and getting plays on SoundCloud will become a piece of cake for you. 

Make the best music

The quality of the music you create matters a lot in the run to get more plays. Try to use the rest of your skills while making the music. Ensure the quality. People always prefer quality music, and you may have seen that on SoundCloud itself.

A track created just by gobbling up random notes would never serve any purpose, no matter how much effort you have put in. If you have any desire to contribute, put yourself in quality. When you remain able to create high-quality music, you will ultimately become worthy of likes, views, and plays. This directly helps your cause. 

Consider the most influenced accounts.

There are several accounts on SoundCloud where you can see millions of followers and likes. That is, but you have nothing to do with their likes. One thing which can help you as far as these influenced accounts are concerned is sponsorship.

Try to coordinate with such an account and ask for paid promotions when your account is promoted by such renowned people. You will be going to get more plays on your track. Furthermore, you can also learn the strategies these account holders use to attract so many people to their music. 

Try offsite promotion

Before you seek someone else’s help, be your own first. Advancing your music yourself is critical. If you are creating music on SoundCloud, you are present on other social platforms as well. Take full advantage of this and advance your music on different stages also.

You can also share the links of your tracks with your friends and ask them to promote them to their friends as well. In this way, when proliferated more, you will be able to attract the offsite community. This is going to ensure more plays on your SoundCloud, the best way.

Use email networking

Emil networking is one of the most potent ways to make your soundtracks accessible to people. Some people may not be present on SoundCloud, yet they may deem interested in your music. If that occurs, email networking is the best way out.

Try to embed some of the best of your songs in an email newsletter and embed play buttons exclusively in it. Now target the people to whom you want to like your music and send emails. Once they receive these emails, they are going to play your music. This helps you increase your SoundCloud plays rapidly.

Join repost chains

The repost chain is one of the best features SoundCloud provides its users with. Repost chains are chains containing various accounts where the members repost a soundtrack uploaded in the chain. In this way, one song is promoted multiple times by various account holders.

If you want your SoundCloud plays to increase, start joining several repost chains on SoundCloud. It will help you promote your music better in less time than expected. Finally, it ultimately attracts people and compels them to play your music.

Use relevant tags

When you have made sure that you worked on all the prerequisites mentioned above, your final and the most important job is to make your music discoverable. You can do it easily by just embedding relevant hashtags.

Determine the genre of music you just created, and then add the most relevant and robust tags. It will help people discover your music when they search for that specific keyword or title.

You can also customize your hashtags by using several online features, thus creating some relevant tags of your own. Either way, make sure that your music gets discoverable by the community. Try to add 3 to 6 tags to your music; it will be going to get you more play once discovered. 

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