Can I program for Android using Python? I seem to have stumbled upon many links while searching… however neither of them is concrete.

Any suggestions? I want to write apps for Android but really don’t want to get into Java for all this.

PS: My question is whether I can write proper, full fledged apps for Android.

Checkout Kivy. They have done a really great job so far, and I am a big fan of their work. It is still lacking some providers, but they keep adding new stuff to it everyday. First thing you need to do is to check your requirement against what they can offer based on their documentation. They have create an amazing framework for input such as multi-touch or pen handling. They use OpenGL ES internally, as a result complex graphics and visualizations can run very fast when interacting with the the application. Their process for creating an apk is also very straight forward.

Check the new Python for Android project.

Edit: This is not Kivy, this is a seperate project, intended to be a toolchain usable for other toolkit. The architecture is modular, and you can include new recipe for including new python extensions (as brew, macports, cygwin etc.).

Edit: This is not Py4A, but python-for-android.

No, not currently. ASE (Android Scripting Environment) allows you to do simple script apps, but you can only write proper Android apps in Java.

Yep, you can.
Check ASE

Ok, after comments:
I haven’t read the question properly. No you can’t write write proper, full fledged apps for Android, but anyway check ASE. It is really cool project.