Anaconda version with Python 3.5

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I want to install tensorflow with python 3.5 using anaconda but I don’t know which anaconda version has python 3.5. When I go to anaconda download page am presented with Anaconda 4.3.1 which has either version 3.6 or 2.7 of python

You can install any current version of Anaconda. You can then make a conda environment with your particular needs from the documentation

conda create -n tensorflowproject python=3.5 tensorflow ipython

This command has a specific version for python and when this tensorflowproject environment gets updated it will upgrade to Python 3.5999999999 but never go to 3.6 . Then you switch to your environment using either

source activate tensorflowproject

for linux/mac or

activate tensorflowproject

on windows

Per this announcement, Anaconda upgraded to Python 3.6 starting with version 4.3, so… you probably want the 4.2.0 package from the installer archive.

According to the official docu it’s recommended to downgrade the whole Python environment:

conda install python=3.5

Anacoda3-4.2.0 Uses python 3.5
You can find the same in the link given below :

I faced the same problem and found the correct version by checking the available Anaconda 4.2.0 distributions in installer archive here

command install:

  • python3.5: conda install python=3.5
  • python3.6: conda install python=3.6

download the most recent Anaconda installer:

  • python3.5: Anaconda 4.2.0
  • python3.6: Anaconda 5.2.0

reference from anaconda doc:

To highlight a few points:

The docs recommend using an install environment:

The version archive is here:

The version history is here:

Anaconda3 then its python 3.x and if it is Anaconda2 then its 2.x” – +1 papbiceps

The version archive is sorted newest at the top, but Anaconda2 ABOVE Anaconda3.

It is very simple, first, you need to be inside the virtualenv you created, then to install a specific version of python say 3.5, use Anaconda, conda install python=3.5

In general you can do this for any python package you want

conda install package_name=package_version

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