Ambiance Theme was deleted /missing from Ubuntu 13.10. How to re-intall default theme?

I must have done something wrong. I un-installed Nginx and PHP-FPM using apt-get purge. When I did a reboot, the theme changed from Ambiance to High Contrast. Also the Audacious player is also gone. The Ambiance theme is not available anymore from the settings. How can I get the Ambiance theme back? thanks. I am using Ubuntu 13.10. I hate the High Contrast theme.

Solution #1:

Open your terminal and type as

sudo apt-get install light-themes audacious

Then restart your system.

From theme manager you can now choose ambiance theme and audacious also installs.

Hope that helps.

Respondent: r??d??

Solution #2:

You need to install the packages light-themes and dmz-cursor-theme for the ambiance theme.

Respondent: Noosrep

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