Alternative to the VW bus? eBussy is a pickup and motorhome in a

The eBussy from Electric Brands.

Those who scroll through the social networks these days will have difficulty escaping the throng of VW buses converted into caravans. In times of Corona, they offer a good alternative to flight and hotel, also satisfy the adventurous ness of many travel fans. But many of these old buses, often belonging to the T3 or T4 generation (1979-2003), pump large amounts of pollutants into the surrounding area.

Another trend, the purchase of which the Federal Government has recently given an increased premium, is the electric car. Up to EUR 9,000 has been added to the purchase of such a car since the first of July this year, which is part of the recovery package against the economic failures of Corona.

If you don’t have the time to rebuild a VW bus and at the same time want to do something good for the environment and the economy, you might feel attracted to Electric Brands. The German company has just introduced the eBussy, which can also be pre-ordered.

Electric Drives eBussy: Details

In the video you can get an impression of the exterior of the vehicle, whose release date until 2021 is still unknown. Then the eBussy is to be had at a starting price of 16,000 euros. For the money, however, you only get the pickup version. If you are planning longer excursions and holidays, you have to invest around 29,000 euros in the camper version.

In addition to these versions, the modular concept also enables the use of the eBussys as a transport van or as a convertible – off-road variants are also possible. A total of ten configurations are to be launched on the market. The size of the battery is also variable between 10 and 30 kilowatt hours, which should allow ranges of 200 to 600 kilometers. For the maximum range of 800 kilometers, solar cells on the roof are planned.

However, you probably do not cover the kilometres on the motorway, because the 20 hp low engine allows top speeds of only 90 kilometers per hour. However, this should be sufficient for the country road.


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