10 Inspiring Ways To Craft With Washi

Washi tape has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, and we’re here to tell you why it’s such an awesome craft supply to have on hand. No matter what you’re working on, these tips on how to use washi tape will help you add character and extra flair to your project! Whether you’re decorating your calendar, creating wrapping paper, or making homemade cards, these tips on how to craft with washi tape are sure to inspire. Use them for any DIY project where you can think of adding some extra flair!

Wall Art

Do you have a room that needs some sprucing up? Why not get creative with your washi tape and print your own washi tape! This DIY project is easy to do, and it can give your home or office the perfect vibe. All you need are three things: paint, an art canvas, and washi tape. Paint the canvas any color of your choice (we recommend using a light-colored paint so that you can see the details of your design), then lay out strips of washi tape in any pattern you wish. Once you have finished laying out all the desired patterns on the canvas, allow it to dry for 24 hours before hanging it on the wall.

Home Decor

Washi tape is perfect for creating quick and easy home decor. From customizing furniture to dressing up a room, the possibilities are endless with washi tape. You can print your own washi tape to create unique patterns or use pre-made washi tapes to cover surfaces in a pattern that coordinates with your space. Plus, washi tapes come in many different colors and patterns, so you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

Phone Cases

1. Cover your phone in washi tape. This is a great way to utilize the multitude of colors you might have and make your phone unique. You could also print your own washi tape to personalize it more! 2. Use small pieces as accents on larger surfaces such as creating flowers on an otherwise bland page or even layering with different colored strips for texture. 3. Attach washi tape to flat objects like folders, boxes, books, etc., then add embellishments like googly eyes, confetti, etc. 4. Attach them around bottles and jars (for example: candles) 5. Paint designs over top of them 6. Try out some DIYs like this bookmark or these dividers 7. Create gift tags 8 .Create collages 9 .Decorate your fridge 10 .Or cover notebooks with them!

Planners And Journals

Washi tape is one of the most versatile crafting tools on the market today. These versatile tapes can be used to craft anything from planners and journals, to clothing and home decor. Here are ten inspiring ways you can use washi tape in your creative endeavors: 

1) Cover an old calendar with new designs. 2) Make a pinboard for a bookcase. 3) Create a personalized wrapping paper design by layering strips of tape over photos or illustrations. 4) Cut out shapes of your favorite quotes and words and stick them onto walls or furniture as decoration. 5) Fold up some letters (or envelopes, if they are square-shaped), wrap them in washi tape, and seal them shut with more tape to make fun mail art pieces.

Greeting Cards

1. Start by tracing the shape of your card on a piece of paper and cut it out. 

2. Trace the same shape on a sheet of washi tape and cut it out as well. 

3. Lay the tape over the paper and fold or cut off any excess pieces to fit inside your card, then adhere with glue or double-sided tape. 

4. Decorate with stickers, drawings, or paint to your liking! 

5. When done, peel back one side of the tape from the front cover so you can write something inside if you wish; then close up your greeting card by taping down the other side of washi tape that is still attached to the front cover!


Washi tape is an easy and inexpensive way to craft with decorative tape. The most basic way to use washi tape is as a finishing touch on a scrapbook page, but there are so many other ways you can incorporate it into your scrapbooks. For example, print your own washi tape for customizing scrapbook paper, decorating envelopes for gifts, or wrapping gifts with personalized washi ribbon. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the types of crafts you can create with washi tape!

Party Decorations

1. Create a banner for the party. Write out your party’s name on a piece of cardstock and cut it into strips. Use washi tape to securely adhere the strips in order to create your personalized banner. This is a great idea if you’re looking for an alternative to stringing up crepe paper or using streamers or balloons as banners.

2. Add detail to your invitations with washi tape! Cut the invitation into three parts and then use washi tape to adorn each side of each section with different patterns and designs, so that when it’s all assembled, you have a colorful patterned invitation.

Gift Wrapping

This colorful, fun office supply can be used for so many things in your daily life. It’s also a great way to add some color to your desk or home office! 

Washi tape is available at any craft store and can be found in all sorts of patterns and colors. There are plenty of different ways you can use washi tape in the office – here are just a few: 

1. Reinforce Tabs On Paper Files 2. Add Some Color To Your Desk By Creating A Striped Accent Wall 3. Use The Tape For Fridge Organization (like using a binder clip) 4. Use It As A Bookmark In Your Favorite Novels 5. Make Your Own Name Tags For Meetings And Events.

Kids’ Crafts

Kids love crafts that are fun and colorful, so today we’ll be showing you how to use washi tape in a way they will love. The first craft is a fortune teller: take two sheets of paper and put one on top of the other with the colored side facing out. Cut two slits into the top piece of paper, about an inch apart from each other. Put a strip of washi tape on both sides of the slits, then fold them over to form a fortune teller!

Office Supplies

Crafting with washi tape is a fun way to bring color and pattern into your life. I love using it in my home office to create colorful patterns on my filing cabinets, whiteboard, bulletin board or even my computer screen. It’s also great for sprucing up an old book by adding a new cover, or decorating your favorite mug with a little flair. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 10 ways I’ve used washi tape around the house that should get your creativity flowing! 

1) Add Color & Pattern to Your Home Office: You can make any surface pop with a bit of pattern by using washi tape! Try adding it to the edges of your whiteboard, filing cabinet and bulletin board for some instant inspiration.

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